I’m Neesha a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger from Swansea, South Wales. I’d tell you my age but I love making people guess, so go on, how old do you think I am?

I love writing about the latest beauty products, how to make a quick bit of cash and tips on how to improve your blog and all the technical jargon that goes with it. I also cover Fashion (as I spend a fortune online shopping), Travel and Home Interiors. As you can see I have a passion for a lot of topics so this blog is jam packed with information, wishlists and reviews.

I live with my boyfriend Gavin and this handsome fella called Hoolio…

Hoolio - Reinventing Neesha


We are currently in the process of building our dream home which I’m going to make sure is serious #housegoals with scandinavian vibes and lots of white, copper and marble.

I started this blog when I lost my job back in June of 2014 (This now seems like a lifetime ago). I am now back in part time employment working for the family business and I occasionally work as an extra in films and television programmes as well as building up my matched betting empire.

I am a massive computer geek and love altering the coding for my blog and changing the design. ┬áIf you pop back in a month’s time it will have probably altered slightly. If you are ever stuck with altering your blog don’t hesitate to pop me an email and I will help out anyway I can. I am by no means a professional but have been tinkering away for a number of years now and have picked up some tips and tricks along the way.