Wedding Saving Income Report Month #2

Wedding Saving Income Report Month 2

December is a good month for collaborations but not a good month for timing. It is such a busy month with so much going on from numerous birthdays and to Christmas preparations that I have found juggling my time even harder this month. Trying to achieve my target of £560 this month was a challenge, to say the least. I’m starting to think I’ve set my sights too high but I’m going to continue with the blog series anyway. So how did I do this month?

Sponsored Posts – £311.20

I didn’t earn as much money as last month from sponsored posts but I’m still very happy with this figure. Again this month I didn’t seek out sponsored content and just relied on what landed in my inbox.

Reselling – £10

I sold another candle to my brother. I tried pushing the Yankee Candles on Facebook reselling groups but people are selling them ridiculously cheap so it’s hard to compete. I really need to look into Fulfilled by Amazon but I don’t really want to get myself involved in something that I might not end up making a long term go of. My only other option is selling on Ebay which I will consider if I am stuck with them for another few months.

Affiliate Income – £62.97

This figure is a lot lower than last month as I’m waiting for funds to clear and be transferred to me so hopefully this will be done ready for next month. Again I need to work harder on building my affiliate income back to where it was but managing my time at the moment is proving difficult. Currently I’m just promoting my affiliate links as and when I find a good value product or amazing discounts online.

Surveys – £150.84

Who knew surveys could be so profitable? Last month I took part in an online study for new mums and was paid £125 for my participation. The rest of the money was made up answering surveys on Prolific which I would highly recommend. It’s really easy to build up money quickly and new surveys pop up every day for you to take part in. The payout is very quick and I made my first £10 within 5 days. You can cashout funds once you reach £5.

Matched Betting – £82.36

I did it! I finally found some time to do a little bit of Matched Betting. I didn’t do much but I managed to make a profit of £82.36 over the course of 4 days.

Money Saved – £100

I had hoped to save a little bit more last month due to it being my Birthday and Christmas but I ended up spending £115 on a pair of Dr Martens I had been lusting after. You’ve got to treat yourself sometimes.


EXPENSES – £131.66

Included in my monthly expenses are my subscription to Profit Accumulator as well as Adobe Lightroom. I have also included 20% income tax and national insurance in this figure.


I did it! By the skin of my teeth, I managed to scrape by and reach my monthly target of £560 profit. This month was definitely not easy. I’m starting to feel like I’ve definitely set my sights too high but I’m going to keep going to see how far I can get.

Total Saved towards the Wedding – £1,230.13

Goals for this Month

Put items on Ebay – I haven’t sold on Ebay in years but I have tons of things I need to shift. I’ve got bags and bags of clothing that I’m not going to wear again so I’m going to see if I can make any money selling them on Ebay.


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