How I would spend my Lottery winnings

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Castle

I’m keeping a positive mental attitude and using the power of attraction to make my dreams come true. I will win the lottery one day. We all dream of winning large sums of money and the lottery is the most common way people can win a big jackpot. Here’s how I would spend my money when I scoop the lottery bet jackpot.

Buy a House in Disney World

I only recently discovered that you can actually buy a home in Walt Disney World! How insane/totally amazing is that? I wouldn’t move the family across the other side of the world but I would love to own a property in Disney World so that we could hop on a flight and travel there as often as we liked. Imagine that, lifetime access to Walt Disney World, that is definitely the dream right there.


Sensible head on here, I would definitely invest some of the money. I’d probably look into buying property to rent out or even to do up and sell on. I’d maybe even look into properties that would work well as holiday lets along the Welsh coast. Investing is always a wise idea as you never know how soon the money will run out if you go spend crazy.

Start a Business

I’ve had multiple businesses in the past but due to time and money, none of them has lasted long. I’d love to start up a business that I could employ others to help run so that I would still have time off but also be able to work for myself. I’d love to do something with home furnishings or even creating personalised products.

Buy a Micro Pig

I’ve been obsessed with micro pigs for years. I even visited Pennywell Farm a few years ago just so I could have a cuddle with a micro pig. Unfortunately, pigs don’t like living alone so I’d have to get two of them to keep each other company. I’d name them Ham and Pig, named after pigs from my favourite films.

Pay off the Wedding

We are currently saving to get married in 2020 and weddings are not cheap. I’d love to be able to pay off the wedding without worrying about going over budget. I’d also pay a famous band to come and play at our wedding, because why the heck not!


What would you spend your money on if you won a lottery bet? Would you play it safe or spend it all?


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  1. January 2, 2019 / 1:25 am

    This is a great list of things you would do! I didn’t even know you can buy a house in disney world. I told my sister and we decided when we win the lottery we’re gonna splurge and share the home! They’re honestly really pretty, and the neighborhoods look amazing! Great post Neesha xxx

    Melina |

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