Cosy Ideas For A Quick Getaway This Winter

Christmas Winter Holiday

Winter is well and truly here, and once Christmas is over, there will be the bleak months at the start of the new year to endure before there’s any spring sunshine. It can be a depressing time of year, but there are ways you can cheer yourself up and make the most of the more enjoyable aspects of winter. If you’re prone to the winter doldrums, taking a quick break is a great idea, giving you a boost and breaking up the monotony of the season.

Winter Bed and Breakfast

There’s something very comforting about staying in a B&B and not having to worry about getting out of bed or heading off into the cold. A lay-in in a warm, comfy bed, followed by a hearty breakfast sets you up perfectly for a trip into town to explore the indoor attractions, do some shopping, or spend a leisurely lunchtime in a warm and welcoming pub.

If you feel more adventurous, you could get yourself dressed up and go for a walk in the countryside. As long as you’ve got the right sort of footwear and waterproof clothing, you’ll stay pretty dry and comfortable.

It can also be a great time to explore the beach, as there could be less common species of wildlife around, and the coast will be far quieter and more peaceful out of season. Have a look at a comprehensive beach guide website like Coast Radar to find out all the information you need about beaches near where you’re staying.

Most importantly, returning to a log fire and a pot of tea at the B&B after an excursion is one of the best feelings in the world.

Snow sports

It’s not too late to book a short skiing or snowboarding break, and snow sports are one of the most fun ways to spend a winter getaway. There are plenty of resorts catering for all abilities and ages across Europe, so you don’t have to travel far.

If you’re new to the sport, make sure you do some research on the best clothes and equipment to buy or hire, and book yourself some lessons to build your confidence. Ski chalets and hotels are always warm and cosy and provide a perfect refuge for evenings when the wind is howling outside, or a snow storm strikes.

If it’s a fine evening, you’ll have numerous options for dining out and being entertained, and the social life can be as good as the snow sports!

It might not be the best time of year to go camping or surfing, but there is a particular pleasure and feeling of satisfaction spending time in the brisk, cold air of winter days and then returning to a warm lodging where you can relax and do as you please for the rest of the day. If you haven’t experienced a winter break before, it could be just what you need to shake off the winter blues, so start browsing for your perfect cosy winter getaway today.


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