Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions for my Family

The run-up to Christmas has been even more exciting this year now we have Nolan. The magic of Christmas has truly returned to the Rees/Craig household. I put the decorations up in November (I’m always a December 1st girl), we’ve been to a grotto to visit Santa and we’ve watched numerous Christmas films whilst tucking into a box of celebrations. These are things I never would have done last year and I want to start doing more fun things as Nolan gets older. I want to have yearly traditions that we can do as a family and have amazing memories to look back on for years to come.

Christmas Eve Pyjamas

Hunkemoller Jersey Pyjama Set
Hunkemoller Christmas Pyjamas

This is actually a tradition I started for myself when I moved out of my parents’ house. I would treat myself to a new pair of snazzy pyjamas that I would save especially to wear on Christmas Eve. I’ve always been a sucker for buying new pyjamas but saving them for Christmas Eve makes them feel that extra bit more special. This year I was kindly treated to this Navy Blue Jersey Pyjama Set from Hunkemoller. I adore the pattern and the white lining detail. They are the comfiest pyjamas I have ever felt and it’s going to be hard holding out until Christmas Eve to wear them. The shirt style top is also perfect as I am still breastfeeding Nolan so I can still keep nice and toasty in bed without having to take any layers off, bonus! This year I ordered a personalised Christmas sleepsuit for Nolan from Etsy. It says Nolan’s First Christmas 2018 and also came with a matching bib ready for his first taste of food on Christmas day. I may or may not have bought some Christmas Eve pyjamas for Gavin too.

Christmas Presents

Personalised Santa Sack from The Gift Experience
Personalised Penguin Santa Santa from The Gift Experience

Whilst Nolan is young he won’t really understand Christmas or who is buying his gifts for him. As he gets older I imagine his gifts are going to get more expensive, those Xbox games aren’t cheap! I really want to keep the Santa gifting to a minimum and any larger gifts would be from myself and Gavin. I want the credit for our hard work and I want him to appreciate what he has and the cost of it. This Personalised Penguin Santa Sack from The Gift Experience is the sack I’m going to use to house his gifts from Santa each year. How cute does his little name look on it? I don’t want to go over the top buying him things, ever, so this sack is the perfect size. I’ll definitely have to keep this sack well hidden so I don’t blow my own cover.

 Muppet’s Christmas Carol

Another tradition I started when I left home was to watch A Muppet’s Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve. It’s always been one of my favourite Christmas films growing up and I love that I save watching it until Christmas Eve to really get me excited for Christmas Day. I’d love to keep this tradition going where we can all snuggle up on the sofa with a tub of celebrations and relax before the chaos that will inevitably ensue the next morning.

Visiting Santa

Nolan Meeting Santa at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees

This year we visited Santa at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees in Three Crosses, Swansea. Nolan had no idea what was going on but it was a really nice afternoon out and I managed to capture the cutest photo of Nolan’s first meeting with Santa. I’d love to make this a tradition and take him to see Santa every year and keep updating the photo we have to see just how much he has changed. Who knows, maybe one year we will make the big trip to Lapland (one can dream, right?)

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve for the past 6 years we have spent it with friends. We normally book to go out for a meal in the afternoon, we play games, do quizzes and it’s always a day I look forward to. It always gets me feeling really festive and it’s so nice to spend time together as a large group. This year we have 3 babies in tow and I can’t wait for them all to grow up together as besties who have no choice in the matter. I’d love to start the tradition of getting a group photo together each year as we normally suck at taking photos.

Decorating the House

I really want to grow our decoration collection. It’s a bit pitiful at the moment as we are still renovating our house and it’s pretty hard to decorate a building site. Next year the extension should be finished (fingers crossed) and we would love to get a real tree and add lots of lights to the front of the house. Nolan will be 1 1/2 next year so I definitely need to make our home more magical for him. I also recently got inspired by Little Miss Katy and Hello Miss Jordan who showed off their Christmas tree decorations on Instagram stories. I definitely want to start the tradition of buying Christmas tree decorations abroad or at important milestones in our lives so they all have a special importance and meaning to them.

Do you have any Christmas traditions with your family? Are there any news things you would like to start doing? Let me know in the comments.


This post contains items gifted by Hunkemoller and The Gift Experience.

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