Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas

This year is our very first Christmas with Nolan and I am so excited I put all the decorations up in November. Baby’s first Christmas is an exciting time. Your baby is bound to be spoilt by friends and relatives with gifts galore. It’s hard to know what to get your baby and think of gifts that others won’t have bought. I have put together a gift guide with some products you might not have thought about getting.

Gertie the Good Goose Teething Toy – 0 months+

Gertie the Good Goose Teething Toy
Your baby will inevitably start teething at some point so it’s never too early to get your baby a teething toy. They might not be able to hold it yet if they are just a few months old but over time they will get the hang of it. Initially, you can hold the toy for your baby to offer them some relief from the discomfort of teething and soon you will see them reaching out to hold it for themselves. Gertie is light to hold and slim in shape so a baby’s small hands can grip it with ease. Nolan has been using Gertie The Good Goose for some time now and he loves chewing away and making it squeak. You can find Gertie the Good Goose at Kiddies Kingdom.

Miffy Bunny Rattle, Soother and Soft Toy Gift Set – 0 months+

Miffy Newborn Baby Gift Set
Miffy Newborn Baby Soft Toy Gift

If you’ve just had your baby, Congratulations! It’s always hard to know what to buy for newborns especially when they have already been spoilt in the past few weeks. This gorgeous monochrome Miffy gift set is perfect for newborn babies. The gift set features a rattle, a soother blanket and a Miffy soft toy. The products are super soft to touch and are the perfect gift for your newborn this Christmas. The quality feel of the product is definitely the type of thing you would hold onto as a keepsake.

My 1st Photos Personalised Photo Album – 0 months+

My 1st Photos Personalised Photo Album

If you are looking for something a bit more personal this Christmas then I would highly recommend the My 1st Photos Personalised Photo Album. This 7-page fabric photo album is fully customisable with text and images so your baby can learn to recognise all the important faces in their life. This stunning product will delight family members this Christmas when they see their picture pride of place in baby’s first photo album. The website is super easy to use, you simply upload images of baby’s loved ones and add the text you would like to accompany the image. Your personalised product can be put together in a matter of clicks. Before uploading your images I would recommend upping the exposure if your photos are taken on a mobile and aren’t well lit so you get the best quality. I love seeing Nolan laughing and giggling whilst flipping through the pages.

Baby Weaning – 6 months+

Nuby Baby Led Weaning Bowl and Spoons
Nuby Baby Led Weaning Suction Bowls

Whether you are going to be following baby led weaning or traditional weaning methods there are a few items you are going to need, so why not make them a Christmas gift for your little one. Nuby has some great products for baby’s first taste of food that are colourful but practical. These stackable suction bowls are perfect for baby led weaning as they will stick to the table of your highchair to prevent any spills and reducing the amount of mess. Nuby also has a range of weaning spoons that have extra long handles with an easy grip surface to make self-feeding easier for your baby. Good news for parents is that they are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Personalised Pull Along Toy – 12 months+

My 1st Years Personalised Pull Along Wooden Toy

Let’s not forget the older babies who haven’t celebrated their first Christmas yet. Your little one might be about to turn one. There are lots of toys on the market for ages 12 months+ but I thought I would include a toy that can be personalised. This cute little pull along sausage dog toy from My 1st Years can be personalised with your baby’s name. Whether your baby is already walking or close to taking their first steps this toy will follow behind everywhere they go.


If you are looking for gift ideas for new mum’s this Christmas then you can check out my Christmas Gift Guide for New Mums.


This post features products gifted by Kiddies Kingdom, Miffy and My 1st Photos.

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