Preparing a greener future for our next generation

Preparing a greener future for our next generation

Discussions regarding all sorts of pollution have been an area of emphasis for over a decade now. Our technological advancements have inevitably caused negative impacts on our environment, upon realisation, there is a rise in the sense of urgency to prevent any further damages.

Some of the pollution we have caused include air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution (which affects our food), radioactive pollution and more. While it isn’t intentional, it is our lifestyle that is the main cause of pollution, therefore it is important for us to start maintaining our environment so our future generations can live a sustainable world.

Minimising Usage

Although minimising usage of electricity may seem like an obvious one, many overlook the impact switching lights off or other electrical appliances when they aren’t needed can do. A simple act per day, per person, can save a lot of unnecessary pollution as a collective. However, if you want to take it one step further, you can actively reduce the amount of time or the number of electrical appliances you are using.

Not only would you start seeing a more positive outcome to your lifestyle, but you will also most probably see a decrease in your electricity bills.

Going Paperless

Many shops are now offering paperless options in order to reduce the amounts of receipts being printed out each day. Rather than taking a receipt consider using the paperless option. To take one step further, there are shops that still offer paper bags, considering the habit of bringing your own bag is already naturally instilled in you from the plastic bag charges, take initiative to go all the way and not require any paper bags either.

Reuse and Recycle

There are things that can be reused many times before it needs to be thrown away. Some of the more common things you can reuse include straws, plastic bags, paper bags, plastic bottles. These can be reused and are still considered hygienic as long as they are cleaned. Reusing some of your ‘waste’ can reduce the amount of waste you are creating which will then be transferred to landfills.

Many people are becoming more and more eco-friendly, hence recycling is a habit that a lot of people have developed and allows a lot of daily products to be made from used materials. These can be packaging, waste paper or even utensils. It is important to develop these habits for young children as well so they grow up to keep the environment as clean as possible for future generations too.

These are just a handful of ways on how you can be socially responsible, one of the most powerful ways to make a change is to influence others surrounding you too. This way you can build a positive ‘community spirit’ within your home, your workspace and even amongst your friends.

It takes a community for environmental changes to happen, for more tips on what you could do to maintain and promote a greener environment you might find this eBook from Glasdon use.

You can also refer to the link to see how companies are supporting a greener environment. By enforcing greener lifestyle habits, it can help the world become more sustainable for our future generations to come.

This is a collaborative post with Glasdon.

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