Mission: Save/Make £10,000 for my Wedding in 18 Months

How to Make £10,000 in 18 Months

Mission wedding planning is a go. I’ve already been to one wedding fayre and got an idea of costings. Oh boy, weddings aren’t cheap are they? We are hoping for a Summer 2020 (maybe Winter 2020) wedding which gives us exactly 18 months to save the £10,000 we will need. Yikes! So if my calculations are correct we will need to save around £560 a month if we want the wedding of our (my) dreams.

I’ve decided to document the process so:
a) I can keep on track and actually put the funds away rather than spend them
b) I can encourage others to do the same and show how it is possible (hopefully)

How I’m Going to Save/Make £10,000 in 18 Months

Here are the following things I’m going to be doing daily/weekly/monthly to raise the cash:


Matched Betting – I’ve been doing Matched Betting on and off for nearly 3 years. I’ve made a lot of money along the way which paid for my trip to Disney World last October and helped me raise money towards a house deposit. I plan to get on the Matched Betting bandwagon again and complete all the offers daily to bring in some extra tax-free cash. If you would like to learn more about Matched Betting you can join my Facebook group here.

Shopping Receipts – I’ve recently been using an app that turns your shopping receipts into money. I’ve already made £5 and I’ve only been using the app a month. I’m going to continue to upload my receipts in exchange for money into my PayPal account. If you do download the app you can use my code ‘ASURM1VO’ to get a head start with 200 points in your account.

Free Food – To save money I’ll be keeping an eye out for vouchers and offers for free food and healthcare items. I currently use the Shopmium app which gives you money back when you purchase certain items. If you would like to try the app you can get a free tub of Nutella if you use my code ‘yk3r3’ (To qualify for the free jar of Nutella you have to sign up using the app and not the website).


Cashback Sites – I’ll only shop where we can make or save money. I’ll check Topcashback to see which online food shops have the greatest cashback return and I will do our weekly food shop there. Any money accumulated through the cashback sites will go into our wedding fund.

Broken Link Checks – Removing Broken Links from your blog is a tedious task but it’s one I love. I used to regularly offer my blog maintenance services but had to stop when I got severe morning sickness. I’m going to start up this little side earner again, so if you need any blog maintenance then hit me up!

Buying and Selling – Recently we found a local Auction House that we had no idea was so close to us. They sell everything from Sofas and Fridges to Clothing and Kids Toys. The majority of the stock is brand new and sealed which is perfect for re-selling if you can pick them up at a good price. It’s not something I’ve tried before. I’ve only ever sold my own items on eBay and Gumtree but I’m going to give it a go. This one could turn out to be an epic fail, time will tell.


Sponsored Posts – I definitely want to try and secure at least one sponsored post a month. I’ll be emailing contacts and keeping an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for any collaborations that will fit with my blog.

Affiliate Income – Anyone who knows me well knows this is my bread and butter. Affiliate income is something I do really well with and I have even set up a Facebook group to help others make money with affiliate marketing. I’ll continue to do what I’m doing and hopefully increase the amount I make each month.

Selling – There’s plenty of items that we don’t need or want any more lying around the house. As the saying goes ‘One man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ so I’m going to shift any unwanted items on places like eBay, Gumtree and local Facebook selling groups.

Spare Change – Any money I have left in my current account at the end of each month I will transfer over to our wedding savings account. I call it spare change because normally by the end of the month I’m lucky if I have a tenner left of my wage.


Price Comparisons – I know for a fact we could reduce our bills each month by shopping around but it’s something I’ve been too lazy to look into. I’ve been with the same Gas, Electric and Broadband provider for 5 years! I’ve haggled money off with Virgin Media before but I know if we swapped providers we could save £100’s. I plan to do some price checking with sites like Compare the Market and then see where I can get better deals. Any money saved will go into the wedding fund pot.

Trial Run

I’ve had a trial run this month to see how many of my goals were do-able or if I was stretching myself too thin. Between the 17th-31st October I made a profit of £331.89. It’s actually been a lot harder than I anticipated, trying to juggle my time around a baby is hard work. I’m still aiming high and hoping I can hit my target of £560 in November.

I’ll be posting my updates on the 1st of each month. If you would like to follow along and attempt to raise or save some funds with me then join my blog facebook page where we can chat all things making money.

How to Save £10,000 for a Wedding in 18 Months
How to Make £10,000 for your Wedding in 18 Months
How to Make £10,000 for your Wedding in 18 Months


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