How to Gain Blog Collaborations Daily

How to Gain Blog Collaborations Daily

Now I know I’m not the biggest Blogger around and I’ve certainly let my Blog slip over the past few months but I still manage to bag Blog collaborations daily. It’s definitely not something you need thousands of followers for, anyone can work with brands and gain paid for collaborations through blogging. It does take some time and effort but if blogging is something you are seriously interested in then it is worth it. I’m going to talk you through some of the ways I gain collaborations for my blog, from paid for adverts to gifted products.

Email Outreach

One of the most straightforward and professional ways of letting a brand know you exist is by dropping them an email. The hardest part is finding out who the correct person within the company is that you need to be in touch with. It’s pointless sending a generic email to the brands’ customer service department as it is more than likely going to get overlooked. A quick google search of the brand name followed by PR or Press will often point you in the right direction. If you are struggling to find a PR contact then a polite tweet asking for the direct email address is always my next option.

The next part is wording the email. If I’m contacting the brand directly and not through a PR agency I will always pitch them an idea about how I’d like to include them in a post. I like to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Nobody wants to read an essay. Cover the important parts and leave out anything that isn’t essential information.

If I am contacting a PR agency I normally just drop a polite email to let them know who I am, what my blog is and what sorts of topics I cover. I don’t mention the specific brand as often they look after multiple brands so I like to keep my email more open-ended.

That’s it! You either hear back from them (which is great!) or you don’t and you move onto the next one.

Social Media

There are always sponsored post opportunities and brand collaborations posted on social media. It’s just knowing where to look to find them. I find Twitter has new blog collaborations popping up daily. Some of the hashtags worth following to find these collaborations include #PRRequest, #BloggersRequired, #BloggersWanted, #JournoRequest. You might have to do some trawling to find anything suitable as the hashtags are often misused but there are opportunities posted daily by PR’s and Brands. Some might just require a simple tweet reply with your blog details and others prefer an email. If you find something that fits perfectly with your blog then let them know why they should work with you.

Facebook Groups

There are some amazing blogging Facebook groups out there that you definitely need to be a member of if you want to be in the know about blog collaborations. My current favourites are Official UK Bloggers and UK Blogger Opportunities. Again these Facebook groups are updated daily so it’s worth setting your notifications to alert you of any new posts if you are keen to make the most of the opportunities available.

There may also be a group for bloggers in your local area. For example, I am a member of a group specifically for bloggers in South Wales where we often share opportunities and events with each other that are happening in Wales. A quick search on Facebook should show you if any such group exists (more often than not it does). If you can’t seem to find anything put a quick tweet out and ask your local bloggers to point you in the right direction.

Influencer Marketing Companies

Companies such as Takumi and Tribe do the outreach for you. They work with brands directly and then you can apply to work with these brands via their app. I haven’t personally used Tribe so I can’t comment much on how they operate but I have worked with Takumi on 13 Instagram Adverts so I can tell you a bit more about them. To apply for paid for campaigns with Takumi you need at least 1,000 Instagram followers.

Once you have downloaded the app it’s a bit of a waiting game. Campaigns aren’t posted regularly so you have to just sit and wait for them. I do find the campaigns come and go very quickly so unless your phone is constantly in your hand (like mine is) then it’s quite hard to bag a campaign with them as so many people are competing for the same opportunities. Once you have been accepted to work with a brand the rest is really straightforward, you receive a product, snap a picture and upload it to Instagram and within 2-3 working days you should be paid for your work. Here’s some examples of Instagram adverts I have done via the Takumi app for brands such as Sure, Wilkinson Sword and Tili Beauty Box.

Keep Going

Not all enquiries will end with a successful collaboration and it’s ok to be disappointed. The key is to not let it get to you and to move on to the next opportunity. There are so many blogger collaborations out there and available at the moment that it won’t be long before an email drops in your inbox that gets you super excited!

Don’t Forget

Once you have started working with brands you’ll soon find that other brands will start contacting you directly. Make sure your email address is visible on your blog so PR’s can easily get in contact in future. I have my email address on my home page as well as on a separate contact me page for easy reference.


Good Luck and Happy collaboration hunting!

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How to Gain Blog Collaborations Daily

How to Gain Blog Collaborations DailyHow to Gain Blog Collaborations Daily


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  1. November 4, 2018 / 9:03 pm

    I’m determined to start blogging and collaborating more over the next few weeks. These are such fab tips – I really need to reach out to people more. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

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