Etsy Christmas Gift Guide for New Mums

Etsy Christmas Gift Guide for New Mums

This year it will be my first Christmas as a Mum. It still feels totally weird saying that, Mum. In the spirit of Christmas and sharing some of the amazing products that Etsy has to showcase, I thought I’d put together a Christmas gift guide for new mums. These are all items I have my eye on or items that may have already accidentally fallen into my shopping basket and are currently whisking their way to me. Oops. Merry Christmas to me, from me.

Family Calendars

I’m a sucker for any form of diary or calendar. There’s just something about writing down important dates on a piece of paper that gets my heart racing, especially if a new pen is also involved. This year I’ve gone all out and bought us our first family calendar to be hung in pride of place in the kitchen. Everyone will get their own column, even Hoolio the dog. This way, hopefully, I’ll never forget where everyone is supposed to be and when.

Personalised 2019 Family Calendar
2019 Family Calendar

I absolutely love this simple but fun calendar design from Sam Warner Studios. It can even be fully customised to colours of your choosing as well as to include important dates to remember.

Personalised 2019 Family Wall Calendar
Custom Characters for your 2019 Family Calendar

Another calendar I absolutely adore is this character calendar by Shape Colour Pattern. I love how customisable this is, you can even add glasses to your character!

Mama Clothing

If it’s a t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoody with a slogan, I’m probably going to buy it. I’m just a sucker for a piece of clothing with writing or words on. Also throw in some leopard print and you can’t take my money fast enough.

Mama Leopard Print Writing T-Shirt
Mama Grey with Leopard Print Writing Sweater

I’ve seen these Mama printed sweatshirts floating around on Insta Mums and I’ve been sucked right into the hype. Especially as the word Mama comes in leopard print! These t-shirts and sweatshirts from The Gifty Room come in lots of variations of colours and prints.

Personalised Jewellery

I knew long before Nolan was born that I wanted a piece of jewellery customised with his name on. I wanted something discreet that you would have to look at really closely to see what it read. Poshy Totty Designs have an amazing selection of jewellery that can be personalised from full names and initials to dates of birth and star signs. These are some of my favourite necklaces that can be personalised with your little one’s name or initials.

Posh Totty Designs Sun, Moon and Star Necklace
Posh Totty Designs Star Choker Necklace
Posh Totty Designs Rose Gold Russian Ring Necklace
Posh Totty Designs Silver Russian Ring Necklace

Matching Outfits

Want to combine two gifts in one? Then get mum and baby matching clothes! Being matchy-matchy isn’t to everyone’s taste but even something small like matching hats is a cute touch. You can bet I’ll be buying myself and Nolan matching Christmas jumpers this year and probably matching t-shirts and jumpers for the rest of his life.

Mum and Baby Matching T-Shirt and Baby Grow Send Coffee Send Milk
Send Coffee Send Milk Matching Mum and Baby Clothes

I love this matching t-shirt and babygrow combo from Alphabet Bags. It’s really subtle and perfect for day to day wear.

Mum and Baby Matching Cream Bobble Hats
Mum and Baby Matching Black Fur Pom Pom Hats

Another super cute idea are these matching Mum and Baby fur pompom hats from The Bbaby Luxe.

Mums Wine Glass

After a long hard day of being Mum what could be better than a cold glass of wine in Mums very own personalised wine glass.  These are two of my favourites, The Shit Mums Club Glitter Wine Glass by Pink Fizz Designs and the Mama Needs Wine Etched Wine Glass by Oh Em Gee Designs.

Shit Mums Club Glitter Wine Glass
Mama Needs Wine Etched Wine Glass

So if anyone is stuck for gift ideas for me this year, I’ve got you sorted!

Etsy Gift Guide for Mums


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