The Honest Truth about The First Trimester

The Honest Truth about the First Trimester

Pregnancy was not what I expected at all. I was not one bit prepared for what the First Trimester held. Perhaps that’s because my encounter with pregnancy hasn’t been anything like what my friends have been through. ‘The Glow’ they promise you is a total myth! I wish I’d had someone to talk to who was going through the same things as me so that’s why I felt I needed to write this post. If you are struggling in the first trimester you are not alone. Not everyone has it easy and well for some, it’s absolute Hell. This post comes with a TMI warning.

Morning Sickness

The term morning sickness is an absolute lie and should be renamed all day and all night sickness. Morning sickness hit me like an absolute ton of bricks and I was not prepared for what was about to come. Not only was I being sick 7-8 times a day (from 6 weeks) but I also permanently felt like I was about to throw up. For me the feeling of nausea was way worse than actually having my head down the toilet all day. When I was physically sick I had a moment of relief from the nausea, a very short moment of relief but in that moment I felt like I was going to be ok, until the nausea hit again.

I was too sick to even attend a doctor’s appointment but I was able to speak to a doctor over the phone who prescribed anti sickness medication. If you are really struggling then it is definitely worth asking for some help. Unfortunately the medication didn’t work for me and made me feel worse due to the side effect of dizziness but anything is worth a try when you are that ill.


I was so violently sick at times that I found I wasn’t able to control my bladder. Yes, I pissed myself and on multiple occasions. By this point I was so unbelievably unwell that I genuinely didn’t care but I did do a bit of googling to check this wasn’t something to be concerned about. The first few pages of google are full of people asking the same thing. Is this normal? Fortunately I was not alone and it is more common than I realised. When straining to be sick you can indeed wet yourself. Who knew?

Everything Smells Worse

I could smell absolutely everything and it all smelt awful. The smell of food cooking, the bathroom, a certain cupboard in the kitchen, it all turned my stomach and made me instantly gag. Cooking for myself became completely off the cards as I physically couldn’t stand the smell of the food cooking. I would have to run to the bathroom to be sick after just walking into the kitchen or opening the fridge door.


I love food and never ever thought I would say this but eating was a challenge in itself. I couldn’t cook for myself because of the smell so I had to resort to snack food. Unfortunately a lot of foods made me violently sick and when I say a lot, I mean almost every food on the planet made me heave. Food took a lot of trial and error before I found my one holy grail that I could keep in my stomach without throwing it up half an hour later. That food was Walkers Ready Salted crisps. Being unable to keep a meal down I regularly turned to ready salted crisps and was eating up to 6 packets a day just to have something in my stomach. I felt bad that this obviously wasn’t the greatest thing to be eating but if it’s the only thing your body will allow you to consume without vomiting afterwards then it is better than having an empty stomach.

Prenantal Vitamins

For the first trimester you should be taking folic acid. My local NHS provides you with a free sample of Pregnacare which contains vitamins and minerals as well as the recommended dose of folic acid. As soon as I started taking Pregnacare I felt even more ill than I had before. I became so ill I couldn’t even leave my bed to be sick. After a quick google search I noticed that a lot of other people had the same problem. Pregnacare contains a vast amount of vitamins and minerals that might not agree with you. If you are struggling to stomach pregnacare then Boots or Tesco’s own prenatal vitamins might be better for you.

Weakness & Fatigue

Being unable to eat properly for 10 weeks combined with severe sickness resulted in me losing a stone in weight. This left me feeling extremely weak and fatigued. I got to the point where I had so little energy that I couldn’t even bathe myself. That was probably one of my lowest most degrading points of the first trimester. I felt beyond help and was really struggling with basic everyday tasks. I felt extremely guilty for leaving everything to my fiancé Gavin but I physically couldn’t help around the house.

Time Off Work

You may need a week or two off work or you may need two months if you’re anything like me. Don’t be afraid to let your Midwife or Doctor know how much you are struggling and they will provide you with a sick note for work if it is necessary. Everyone reacts to pregnancy differently and just because Pam in the office breezed through work no problem it doesn’t mean you don’t need time off just because she didn’t. I was in an extremely fortunate position in that I work for my Father’s business so taking time off and speaking to my boss wasn’t a scary thought. It did mean telling people I was pregnant at just 7 weeks when they recommend you wait until your first scan at 12 weeks but sometimes due to circumstance this is not possible.


I think I felt every single emotion that ever existed in the first trimester. From the excitement of a positive pregnancy test to the excruciating anxiousness waiting for the first scan. I’ve never been so overcome with each different emotion. I did have a very low point whilst in the depths of my sickness where I really did think I couldn’t carry on with the pregnancy. I was just so ill and I couldn’t see it ever ending. That was an emotion I really wasn’t prepared for and I cried for a good few days really feeling like I wanted to give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel I promise. It might seem like it’s weeks away but you will get there.

Baby Bits I Love


It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

There is something good that comes from all this doom and gloom and that is the little human growing inside your belly. It’s hard to see the positives some times when you are feeling so rotten so here’s what some other Blogger’s said helped get them through the worst trimester.

Victoria from Lylia Rose – ‘My husband got me through it! I was so sick with HG and tired all the time, plus super hormonal, but he supported me so much and did whatever he could, even driving me around as I often felt too weak or tired to drive. He was the only one who saw how ill I was and understood. A supportive network or person will really help you get through it if it’s tough.’

Gemma from Waist Trainer – ‘My husband wrote me a note saying ‘Deal with it when it happens’. It stopped me agonising over what could potentially go wrong. I still have the note in my purse (after two children) ♥’

Jenna from Then There Were Three – ‘Sleep got me through it!! Lots of sleep! I wasn’t able to do this the second time round as I had a toddler but I slept so much with my first pregnancy and it definitely helped.’


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