Everything is Changing

Koppaberg Alcohol Free

My Life

In the last year life has changed dramatically. This time last year I had no idea that myself and Gavin were going to buy a house, let alone a renovation project. It was something Gavin really wanted to do and I loved the idea of designing a home from scratch. We bought the house in October and hopefully in the next two months we will be able to move into it. There is still so much work that needs doing but it’s now getting really exciting. I recently bought my dream bathroom and can’t wait to see it all come together.

My Friends

Not only is my life changing but all my friends have had exciting news recently too. This September my friend Kelly is getting married to the wonderful Timmy Tim and I can’t wait to be a bridesmaid on her special day. My friend Becca has just announced that her and her partner Damian are expecting a new arrival to the family. This will be the first baby in our friendship group and he or she is going to be spoilt rotten. Baby Bushrod/Williams is due in September! Fingers are crossed that Becca doesn’t go into labour at Kelly’s wedding! HA! My other two friends Vicky and Gina are currently playing nanny to little munchkins over in America! I went to visit them both last month and it is incredible where they live. I’m sad that they aren’t at home with us but they will both be back for Kelly’s wedding and I can’t wait til we are all reunited.

Koppaberg Alocohl Free

No More Partying

To be honest we haven’t been party animals for a long time now. We much prefer a girls night in with a horror movie and pizza. Even when we do venture out we normally end up in a curry house before midnight and then it’s home to bed. I definitely don’t miss my party animal days and the dreaded hangovers that go with them. My friend Kelly has been sober for a year now and Becca is up the duff so no alcohol for either of them! As neither of them are drinking it’s definitely made me cut back more and I’m less likely to have a glass of wine when they come over now. Since joining Slimming World I’ve also realised just how many calories are in alcohol! It is shocking! I’d much rather use my Slimming World syns on a cheeseburger than on a glass of wine. Ok that’s a slight white lie. Upgrade that wine to prosecco and I’d definitely be in a dilemma over what to choose. Since staying in is the new going out Koppaberg kindly sent me some of their Alcohol Free range to try. Now this is something we can all enjoy at our next BBQ or girls night in.

The Future

This year is definitely going to be a big one for all of us. Kelly’s Hen do is coming up next month and I cannot wait for a girly weekend away. After that myself and Gavin will have hopefully moved into our new house. Then not long after that we will be planning a baby shower for Beccca! Time seems to be going so quickly at the moment. I can’t wait to create all these amazing memories with the best people!

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