How to Make Money Every Time you Shop

How to Make Money Every Time you Shop

You can pretty much get cashback on anything these days from your weekly food shop to your monthly beauty splurge, but what amazes me is how many people don’t utilize it in their everyday shopping. As someone who refuses to pay full price for anything, cashback is my go to on my every day spends. Here’s how you can make money every time you shop with cashback offers.

What is Cash Back?

Cashback is what it says on the tin, getting money back once completing a purchase. For example, an offer might be ‘Get £5 cashback when you place a £40 order at Boots’. Once you’ve placed your £40 order they give you £5 back.

How does it Work?

To generate cashback on your purchases you first need to sign up to a website like TopCashback, they list all the retailers that are currently offering cashback. You then need to search for the retailer that you want to make a purchase with and use the link provided to access the brands’ website, you then continue to make your purchase as normal.

How do I get my Cash Back?

TopCashback will register that you have followed one of their links to the brands’ website and will credit you the cashback owed. This might show as pending for a while until the purchase has been confirmed but once it has been confirmed you can then request to have the money sent to you. The cash back can be paid to you in a number of ways but I prefer either Bacs or Paypal as I can then use the funds straight away.

When can I Withdraw my Money?

As soon as your funds are shown as payable you can withdraw the amount you have earned. I normally just leave the funds in there and then do a withdrawal at the end of each month.

Can I get Cash Back in store as well as online?

Yes, you can, which is amazing as my shopping is still mainly done on the high street. You can register for an OnCard with TopCashback which links to your bank card, you then activate the offers for the shops you shop at regularly and every time you purchase through a retailer offering cashback it automatically gets added to your TopCashback account. You literally don’t even have to think about it and you are generating money.

Currently, with the OnCard you can get 25% cash back on purchases up to £5 at Starbucks and 5% cash back on purchases at the Body Shop. These offers change regularly so keep checking back and activate offers at the places you shop.

Can I get Cashback if I forgot to click through the link?

Unfortunately not but there is a plugin you can download to Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari that reminds you when you are on a retailers website if it is eligible for cashback. I’ve found this super handy as sometimes I would just automatically make a purchase without checking for cashback and now I get a little pop up reminding me I can get cashback.

What else do TopCashback offer?

TopCashback also offers cashback on everyday items in your grocery shop via the TopCashback app. Just check the app for the eligible items, scan the barcode of the product and then scan your receipt to claim the cashback. Some of these offers are time limited so it’s worth checking back to the app daily to see what you can get cashback on each day. The app is so easy to use and I geek out over it every time I scan a barcode in for my cashback.

How Much Have You Made?

In my last 5 transactions, I have made £50.85! My purchases ranged in amount from £57.75 up to £149.17. I’m aiming to make at least £300 in cash back this year.


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How to Make Money Every Time You Shop


That really is all there is to it. The hardest part about it is getting into the habit of using the TopCashback site, it’s now become second nature for me and I automatically check to see if I can get cashback before I reach the till. Try and get into the habit of using a cashback site and see how much you can save in just a month and let me know how you get on. There are other cashback sites available out there but I just prefer using Topcashback. This post is not sponsored but affiliate links have been used.



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