A Look Back at 2016

A Look Back at 2016

2016 will go down in history as the year the world went to shit. Brexit happened, Trump became President and a whole host of idolised celebrities passed away. In my personal life 2016 has been am emotional rollercoaster, it’s the year that so many amazing things happened yet my mood hasn’t always reflected that, so today I’m reflecting on the good and the bad that 2016 brought.


January – March

January was a funny month for me, my mood was very up and down from day to day. Myself and Gavin started looking at houses to buy, which was exciting but very nerve wracking at the same time. I was still working with Vicky on the Blogger Beauty Box and I had a fresh motivation to really work hard on my blog. I was also lined up to do a few months of filming which meant lots of extra money coming in which I was really looking forward to. Buzzfeed approached me to write a piece for them and that really gave me the boost in confidence I needed.

On the 1st of February my Buzzfeed post went live about ‘A night out in Swansea‘ and hit 10k views in 6 hours. I started doing broken link work for bloggers and found myself with lots of work to do very quickly. On February 8th I had some bad news that I had been dropped from the filming that I had lined up and that really got me down and set me back a bit. Towards the end of February myself and Ffion went to the Blognix retreat, I had an amazing time and got the motivation back that I needed to carry on blogging.
At the beginning of March I found myself phoning the police as my neighbour at the time was attacked by her partner. This completely terrified me as I could hear her through the wall screaming for her life. Unfortunately when the police arrived she said she was fine and nothing more was said about it. In March I also discovered Matched Betting, this was something that really dramatically changed my financial situation for the better and I haven’t looked back since. On the 19th of March I bumped into an old ‘friend’ in town, this was someone who tried to ruin my life and I thought I would never be able to be in a room with her again but I was civil towards her and it actually helped me move on from what she had done to me. After just 20 days of Matched Betting I had generated £1000 profit and I was over the moon!

April – June

April started well with two blog events that I loved. I realised that I much preferred going out and reviewing places than staying home and reviewing products. Myself and Gavin made our first offer on a house that we had seen and liked. The rest of April was a struggle and I found myself having way more down days than usual.
At the beginning of May I was starting to feel a bit more like myself. I started to learn Trading as part of Matched Betting as I really wanted to buy Gavin a laptop for his birthday. At one point I was making around £100 a day! We also started tidying the house from top to bottom ready for a sales valuation to put our first house on the market.
On the 1st of June our first home went onto the market for sale. We also viewed another house in June after we were told the first house we had seen was going to auction. The house was extremely run down and needed a hell of a lot of work but it was exactly what we were looking for. June was really exciting as myself, Ffion, Charlotte, Holly and Lottie all headed to Bluestone National Park Resort to review a 4 night stay in one of their luxury lodges. I still can’t believe that I worked with such a huge company and we all had such an amazing time there. There was finally some justice in the world as Mr next door got arrested for attacking his mother in law. I never had to see that vile man again! On the 16th June our offer was accepted on the second house we had seen, we were also starting to get viewings on the house we were selling and everything felt like it was all falling into place.

July – September

In July I ordered the 45mm lens for my Olympus Pen and I found a new love for photography again. I attended the Big Blogger Expo in London with Lottie and Charlotte, it was a long day as we travelled up and back in the day but it was so worth it. My best friend Vicky came home from America for the week and we did lots of catching up. We spent the whole weekend down Gavin’s parents caravan just chilling out and it was so good to have Vicky home, even if it was just for a week.
At the beginning of August we had our mortgage approved and everything was becoming very real about being homeowners together, just 3 days later we also received an offer on the house we were selling and we accepted it. It definitely seemed like everything was too good to be true. August became the month of engagements as my best friend Kelly, Gavin’s brother and Gavin’s friend all got engaged within the space of a week of each other. August was definitely a very exciting month!
In September there were lots of engagement parties and celebrations and my best friend Kelly asked me to be her bridesmaid!

October – December

In October we finally got the keys for our new home. It’s scary to think how much work needs doing there but we are hoping to move in next Summer. Just 2 days after receiving the keys for our new house we also had the call to say we had a week to move out of the house we were in as the sale was due to complete. It was unbelievably stressful moving home and in such a short space of time but we just about managed it in as little arguments as possible.
At the beginning of November I had Rocco (Gavin’s parents dog) for 2 weeks whilst Gavin’s parents were away on holiday. When they arrived home and I had to give him back I felt really down and knew that I had to have a dog in my life. I have wanted a dog for years but having to give Rocco back made me realise just how much I needed a dog in my life so me and Gavin started searching for puppies.
On December the 11th my life long dream came true and we brought home the adorable Hoolio the chihuahua. I don’t think anything could top how happy I was that day! Hoolio was the perfect end to a pretty eventful and fantastic year.


Looking back 2016 has been one heck of a year and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings! This post was created with the help of my One Line A Day: Five Year Memory Book, I would never have remembered all the details otherwise. This post is in no way sponsored but I love my little memory book and it’s so nice to look back and reflect on the whole year.


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