When Holidays Go Wrong

I was inspired to write this post after reading Amy from Salt and Chic’s post titled ‘My Travel Catastrophes‘. I’ve been holidaying with the girls and Gavin now for the last 8 years and I have some horror stories that definitely need telling.

Accident and Emergency

I regularly fall ill on holiday, I swear I’m cursed but one holiday was definitely worse than most where I ended up having to seek medical care at the local walk in hospital. I had burnt my face and scalp so badly on the first day of the holiday that my face had swollen up really badly and the swelling was around my eyes and cheek area and over the course of the holiday the swelling made it’s way down my face and to my neck. My super caring friends nicknamed me ‘Quasimodo’ and it wasn’t until the fourth day of the holiday they realised actually how serious it was and we rushed off to hospital to get me seen too where I was stung with nearly 200 euros worth of medication. Luckily my super caring friends put their hands in their pockets to help me out. Thanks guys, you know who you are!

Damaged Aeroplane

My first ever girls holiday was very much nearly a total disaster. We decided to go to Magaluf just three of us and plenty of things that could go wrong went wrong but the icing on the cake was as we were flying home. We were all boarded and the plane was ready for take off. Half way down the run way and the plane does it’s normal elevation into the sky except something didn’t quite feel right. We had probably only got a few hundred feet off the ground before the plane came back down again. We then had to sit on the plane for two hours on the runway before anyone told us what was going on. The engine was damaged! Luckily the pilot noticed when he did or it could have been very serious. After two hours we all had to get off the plane and head back to departures for another 4 hour wait when we were told that they were calling another plane from the UK to come to fly us home and that we would need to be put up in a hotel overnight. Another 3 hour wait until we had our bags back off the plane and were on a bus heading to the hotel. We arrived at the hotel at around 5am and had to get up at 8am to catch our new flight. As if that wasn’t enough we were all so exhausted none of us woke up when the alarm went off and very nearly missed the bus back to the airport. I’ve never ever been so happy to be back on British soil. What a nightmare!

Holidaying with a Stranger

One thing I would NOT recommend is booking a holiday with someone you don’t really know. I was so desperate for a holiday and had a week off work and decided to book a very last minute holiday to Turkey with a ‘friend’ from drama school. I use the word friend very loosely here as thinking about it, I hardly knew the girl. Just the two of us set off for a week all inclusive in Turkey. When we got there I realised that what we both had expected from the holiday were two very different things. All she wanted to do was get drunk, party and sleep around, all I wanted to do was chill by the pool and catch a tan. One night we went out to a club and she got very drunk, so drunk that she kept daring me to go and ‘neck’ boys, I had no interest in this what so ever and when I told her No she got extremely angry and hit me, she actually fucking hit me! This is the only time I’ve ever been struck by another person. I was so angry and stormed back to the hotel in tears realising my horrific mistake at holidaying with a stranger. The rest of the holiday she went out partying alone whilst I happily ordered Pizza to our hotel room.

My holiday stories are definitely much worse than the average holiday maker so don’t let this put you off going on your first girls holiday. Have you ever had any dramas on holiday? I hope they aren’t as bad as mine!

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    • June 28, 2016 / 9:24 am

      Would you mind if I did a similar post and linked back to this? Your post has inspired me to share some of my travel nightmares! x

  1. June 29, 2016 / 6:24 pm

    Oh my God, she hit you! That's insane. . . I have only had one really bad experience and that's when I went on holiday with my friend from university. We were housemates. On the first night these guys wanted to talk to us and I was not receptive because they looked kinda old (30ish and I was 19). Later that night my friend told me she thought he was cute, a few days later they went on a date and she didn't con back that night. I was terrified that he'd killed her or something because we knew nothing about him and I thought he was creepy. I couldn't stop crying and panicking because I had no way to get in touch with her and we had plans when she came back to go out. Turns out she slept with him, stayed with him and didn't come back till 3pm the next day. I was relieved she was okay but utterly livid because she had no idea what she put me through. I just thought it was so selfish and she just didn't get. We're still friends but it's definitely opened my eyes and I have less expectations of her now.

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

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