James Read Gradual Tan H2O Facial Tan Mist

James Read Gradual Tan Mist – £20

I’ve reviewed countless self tanning products now on Reinventing Neesha but I’ve never reviewed a dedicated facial tanner. Normally when I’ve got fake tan on I often just leave my face and wear a darker foundation to match my freshly bronzed skin tone so I’ve never actually used a self tan on my face. I was completely intrigued by the James Read Facial Tan as it’s a mist rather than a lotion which is all new to me!

I tested out the James Read Tan Mist last week and I was pretty blown away by the results. At first I was completely skeptical, I didn’t think that a mist in a bottle that you just spritz onto your face was going to have great results, boy was I wrong.

Before using the product make sure your skin is clear of the day’s makeup and dry from cleansing. Then you need to hold the spray roughly 15cm away from your face and spritz the tan from one side of your face to the other in a downward motion making sure to also use the product on your neck. I think I used about 4-5 pumps of the product when I tried it out but James Read recommended 6-10 sprays. Allow the product to dry which should take around 2 minutes and then you can apply your moisturiser or makeup.

I tried the Tan Mist out before bed and when I woke up I had actually forgotten about it. It wasn’t until I answered the door to the postman and he asked if I’d ‘been anywhere nice?’ that I realised I hadn’t checked my face in the mirror. As soon as I looked in the hallway mirror I was gobsmacked! I actually looked like I’d caught the sun, for a pale skinned girl this was a miracle! It wasn’t patchy from how I’d slept or orange like I was expecting it to be it was pretty much perfect.

I’m actually really shocked at how well it worked and how easy it was to use. Probably the fastest and easiest self tan I have ever used. Even using quite harsh products on my skin afterwards like exfoliators and products with salicylic acid in didn’t cause the tan to fade quickly or make it uneven in anyway, that’s one thing I was a bit worried about.

Overall this is probably the most impressed I’ve been by a self tanning product from packaging to ease of use and results, James Read really do know how to make a self tan.

Have you tried any products by James Read before? I’m intrigued by their Tantour product now and want to try that next.

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    Such a beautiful post,dear! I love it!!! This one is so beautiful and cute!

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