I Survived without a Mobile Phone for 3 Days

I Survived without a Mobile Phone for 3 Days

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If you follow me on Twitter you might know that on Monday my trusty Samsung Galaxy S4 gave up the ghost and died on me for the final time. When it happened I thought it was something that could be fixed so I didn’t rush to look for a new phone. When I got it home and showed my boyfriend the problem he confirmed my worst fears that my Samsung Galaxy was no more. I went straight online to find a suitable replacement and decided that I was going to head to Carphone Warehouse the next day to get a new one. Unfortunately when I got to Carphone Warehouse the next day they informed me that they don’t stock the Samsung Galaxy S6 in store and it would be another day before it would arrive. In total I was without a mobile phone for 3 whole days!!

Over those 3 days I actually realised just how much I use my phone and how much I rely on it for everyday things. I also noticed the bad habits I have when it comes to using my phone and how I don’t need to depend on it for everything. 


I do all my Banking through Mobile Banking so when I needed to transfer money from one account to another to buy the new phone it was a flipping nightmare! I find Mobile Banking so convenient and use it nearly everyday so when I didn’t have my phone it was actually a lot harder to keep on top of my finances.


I use the calculator function on my phone a lot which I hadn’t noticed before. Now I didn’t have my phone to hand I realised just how terrible my mental maths had gone. Trying to work out my spendings using a pen and paper took me way longer than it should have!


Every evening before I go to sleep I play games on my phone in bed, it was really weird going to bed and actually going to sleep straight away. I’ve realised that I spend a lot of time playing pointless games when I could be spending my time doing something worthwhile. I also for the first time in years watched a TV programme from start to finish without the distraction of my phone.

Whats App

I definitely missed Whats App the most, no banter with the girls for three days made me feel left out. As soon as I got the new phone I made sure to bombard the conversation so everyone knew I was still alive. 

Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest

Weirdly enough I didn’t miss these apps at all. It was quite therapeutic not having access to them and the dramas that can surround them sometimes. The only downside to not having access to these was that I wasn’t able to promote my blog the way I usually would.

I’ve definitely noticed how much I rely on my phone now and will try and reduce the amount I use it and not as heavily rely on it but I’m so glad I have a phone back in my life now.

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  1. April 7, 2016 / 6:20 pm

    I dropped my phone in water (butterfingers haha) and was without a phone for a week – it was so weird. Especially as I use my phone for alarms too, so it was weird using a literal alarm clock for school in the morning. Great post! Love your blog so much xxx

    Phoebe & Abida | phoebida.blogspot.co.uk

  2. April 14, 2016 / 2:00 am

    I was actually thinking of purposely not using my phone for anything other than texting and calls (mainly for work purposes) for a week just to see what it would be like. I find myself to addicted to social media and it's not a good thing – I scroll through the same facebook and twitter feed all the time and it's not good for me. I've recently stopped looking at instagram and snapchat as much which in itself is a feat but still I spend way too much of my time on it. This was a great post and definitely thought provoking 🙂


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