Tansie – The Original Tanning Onesie

Tansie - The Original Tanning Onesie

I’ve been using fake tan now for around 8 years on and off. I started wearing fake tan at about 17-18 when I first started going clubbing and wanted to give my pasty legs a natural glow (They normally turned out pretty Orange). I was then only using it for the occasional night out but when I started college I starting using fake tan more frequently. The biggest downside to fake tan is the inevitable orange bed sheets. My mother was pretty annoyed when her lovely white sheets now had orange stains all over them. Fake tan also ruined plenty of my pyjamas (Thank god for Primark!) At the time fake tan was fairly new and there wasn’t a solution to saving bedsheets and pyjamas from staining.

Fast forward to 2016 and Tansie* was born. The world’s first post tanning garment. Tansie was designed to to combat the stained bed sheets problem that all self tanners are too aware of. Tansie is also made out of a lightweight breathable material that helps accelerate your tan drying time.

I think that Tansie definitely solves the problem of stained bed sheets. I’m forever buying new sheets to replace the ones that have been ruined by fake tan and the cost of new sheets does add up. Tansie is priced at a very reasonable £7.50 and can be used multiple times which is much more cost effective that continually replacing my bed sheets. It’s not the most attractive or flattering garment in the world but if it solves a problem them I’m all for it. I’m not intending on strutting down to my local Asda in it but for wearing in the house post tanning it does the job.

For any tanning addicts then this is definitely a must have or even if you only tan now and again it’s definitely a product to consider.

You can buy Tansie direct from the their website Tan Guard.

Have you tried any other post tanning garments before? What works best for you?

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