Royally Outraged – I Hate all my Clothes

Royally Outraged - I Hate all my Clothes

There are some things in life that really grind my gears and I find myself venting my frustrations on Twitter. Unfortunately 140 characters isn’t enough for me to truly rage and give details of my annoyance. I thought I would start a humorous (well I’ll try and make it funny) blog series where I vent about what has annoyed me that particular week. I don’t normally go a single day without some sort of frustration with something so this could be good for my zen, a kind of anger management possibly. I’ve come up with the title ‘Royally Outraged’ for the series as it’s a bit tongue in cheek. Some topics may be serious and others will be light hearted.

I Hate All My Clothes

Does anyone else get those days where you wake up and feel awesome and then your makeup and hair go perfectly the first time and you couldn’t be happier and then you look in your wardrobe and think ‘Fuck! I have nothing to wear!’? This is how I feel today. Everything I look at in my wardrobe I hate. These are all clothes I have worn before and loved but today I can’t stand the sight of them. This happens to me every so often, this feeling that any outfit combination sucks and nothing seems to make me feel better. Not even trawling the ASOS or New Look website and placing a massive order can fix this mood! It normally ends up in me cancelling any plans I had, throwing my hair up in a bun, furiously scrubbing the makeup off my face and then curling up in a ball and having a good old cry in bed.

The next day I normally feel a bit stupid about my mega meltdown over nothing but it’s amazing how much clothing can affect your mood. If you’re wearing an outfit that looks good on you it can make you feel super confident and like you can take on the world.

What normally makes you feel better when you are just in one of those moods?

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  1. March 6, 2016 / 11:13 am

    Haha, I have days like that sometimes! I find it helps to sort my clothes out when I'm having one of those days, it reminds me what I own and what I love!

    Katie |

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