Glamoriser Salon Results Hair Straighteners

Glamoriser Salon Results Hair Straighteners


When it comes to my hair I normally alternate between two styles, straight or wavy.  Both looks are currently achieved using my GHD straighteners. I’ve been using the brand GHD for over 10 years! When I was contacted by Glamoriser* to try out their straighteners I couldn’t wait to put them to the test against my beloved  GHD’s.

The first thing that appealed to me about the Glamoriser Salon Results Hair Straighteners is the gorgeous deep purple colour they come in with the brand name ‘Glamoriser’ written in gold, *swoon*. At first I didn’t realise that the silver part of the straighteners is actually a touch screen to control the temperature and it let’s you set it for your hair type from fine to medium and coarse. I thought that was a pretty cool feature as currently my GHD’s only work at one setting that cannot be changed. The Glamoriser hair straighteners can be set at temperatures ranging from 90 to 230 degrees.

Glamoriser Hair StraightenersThe plates of the Glamoriser straighteners are infused with Black Diamond oil which apparently helps to achieve your look with ease and smoothness. I definitely agree that they slide through the hair with complete ease and they feel much smoother than my GHD’s ever have.

One of my must have features for hair straighteners though is the auto shut off. The amount of times I have accidentally left my straighteners on is too many too count so this feature is a complete life saver! Thanks for thinking about us forgetful girls Glamoriser!

The Glamoriser straighteners also come with a heat resistant bag that turns into a mat. I find these perfect for when you’re travelling as I normally use my straighteners just before I pack to go away so they are still quite hot. Having a heat resistant bag to put them in means if I’m in a rush I don’t have to worry about them in my case.

Overall they are a massive thumbs up from me and I’ve actually stopped using my GHD’s now! I never ever thought I’d see the day that I’d switch from them. The Glamoriser enables me to control the temperature and leaves my hair feeling much smoother and less heat damaged compared to the GHD’s.

The Glamoriser Salon Results Hair Straighteners are currently down to £39.99 at Argos! If you are in the market for new straighteners then I 100% recommend giving these a go.



  1. March 22, 2016 / 8:07 pm

    These sound great. My trusty old GHDs are still going strong but they have no auto off or temperature control which is something I will be wanting when it finally comes time to replace them. I'm with you I love the name of these, very swanky!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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