Luxury Bathroom Designs Perfect for Relaxing

Luxury Bathroom Designs Perfect for Relaxing

Ask any busy person for one of their favourite luxuries and they will often say a relaxing bath-time treat. For many of us, stealing moments away from busy lives in the sanctuary of the bathroom is a great delight. And that’s why it makes perfect sense for us to turn our bathrooms into pleasure zones, luxury rooms perfect for relaxation.

Magnificent materials

Achieving the ideal bathroom environment for relaxation is all about using the right blend of materials. The touch and feel of materials on our fingertips and bare feet, is key to a pleasurable, sensual experience. Hardwood flooring in bathroom spaces works well as it has natural warmth and isn’t slippery. For a touch of drama, dark wood floors contrast well with white porcelain – alternatively for a fresh Scandinavian look, blonde woods are effective.

Other flooring materials worth considering are vinyl, which comes in some fabulous designs  – geometric and bold retro patterns are making waves in style-conscious homes right now. Ceramic tiles always look wonderful in a bathroom and the material’s water resistance and durability, plus the range of available colours and patterns, make them a very popular choice.

Tile size has become a bit of a style issue: create super-spa looks with large, oversized tiles that push the boundaries. Alternatively, jewel mosaics in glass, metallics or coloured stone make a real statement either as splashbacks, on a single wall or simply used as decorative accents. Subway tile remains popular, laid in traditional pattern or offset like brickwork – the only variant here seems to be in the colour grout chosen. Yes, the colour palette has exploded. Anyone for turquoise grout?

Privacy clause

A vital ingredient to relaxation in the bathroom is knowing you are not going to be disturbed. A lock on the door is a good place to start. If you are lucky enough to have natural light, you should maximise this key asset. That said you don’t want to be overlooked whilst bathing so consider windows with opaque glazing or interior cafe style shutters to protect your modesty. Interior shutters are the best option if you want to harness the natural light, as they are totally adjustable, as well as adding insulation and looking super-chic.

Deluxe details

Luxury bathroom designs don’t force you to pick between a bath and a shower, they offer both. Other hardware habitually featured in upscale facilities includes; a walk-in shower or wet room, free standing bath, double vanity unit, underfloor heating, mood lighting, music and programmable Jacuzzi, massage settings in bath/shower, steam repellent mirrors, piles of thick cotton towels, scented candles and plenty of counter space, storage and well lit mirrors. In addition, a place to recline such as a chaise longue or elegant armchair is a decadently delicious touch.

The trend in tap and showerhead fittings has turned full circle and chrome is now seen as yesterday’s finish. Discover shades of copper, rose gold, brushed nickel and brass all warming up luxury bathroom schemes in fashion-conscious homes.

For a relaxing spot of self-pampering, a luxury bathroom is hard to beat. Simply put together these design ideas and soon you too can be soaking your cares away in a blissful bathroom.

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