Four Tips For Planning A Party Like A Pro

Five Tips For Planning A Party Like A Pro

Who doesn’t love a good party?! Even if it’s not your birthday, there’s always a reason to throw one! They are a great excuse for getting the girls together and letting your hair down. Whenever I feel like work and everyday life is starting to drag me down I get planning a party. And they are always a big hit with my friends!

Want to know how I plan my big dos? Here are my four tips for planning a party like a pro!

Decide on a theme

I love fancy dress! Whenever possible, I always give my parties a costume theme. My friends and I love getting creative with our outfit. You can go with any theme you like – there is no limit at all! Some of my favourite ones so far have been Murder Mystery, Mario Kart and Skeletons for Halloween. If you’re struggling to think of a theme there’s one simple solution: just think of a letter of the alphabet. Then ask people to come dressed as something beginning with that letter! This saves you having to think of a theme. So if you go with A, you can expect lots of army men, astronauts and Avatars attending! Once you’ve organised your costume, it’s time to start thinking about the other details!

Organise some food

Everyone loves a good buffet, so your guests will be very pleased when they see you’ve put on some food! You can tie in your food to the party theme. So if you’re hosting a Caribbean-themed bash, you can serve some mangoes, jerk pork and fruity rum cocktails. If you’re organising an extra special party and don’t have much time to think about food, you could consider hiring a catering team to sort it all out! If you’re cooking yourself, keep the food simple. Finger food goes down very well at any party as your guests can eat on their feet while mingling. Think of a selection of nibbles and don’t forget the pizza!

Get some props

A themed party will need some props and decorations! They’ll help your venue look the part and will also increase everyone’s enjoyment of the whole event. Why not think about photo booth hire as well? They often come with their own props for you to pose with in the booth. A fantastic way to collect memories of the party, all your guests will love being snapped in them!

Time to get ready!

Everything is organised, the food is all sorted and the guests are on their way! That means it is time for the host to get ready to party! Slip into your party costume, do your makeup and style your hair so you look a million dollars. Put some of your favourite tunes on and wait until your first guests arrive.

Enjoy yourself throughout the night but don’t forget to neglect your guests! Keep mingling with everyone and ensuring they’re all having an amazing time. Follow these four steps and you’ll all have a fantastic, unforgettable evening!

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  1. February 17, 2016 / 5:43 pm

    I absolutely love themed parties! This was such a lovely read 🙂 xxx

  2. February 17, 2016 / 6:02 pm

    thanks for sharing these tips…your post are always so interesting

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