The Complete Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

The Complete Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Mother’s day is fast approaching and it’s a time where we get to spoil our mums rotten! I love buying gifts for my mum but sometimes I struggle for ideas. So, I created this gift buying guide to help me and anyone else looking for mother’s day gift ideas:


I find that candles are my go to when buying gifts for my Mum. If I’m ever worrying about what to get her for her birthday or mother’s day, I know I can turn to candles. You can get so many awesome scented candles and tea lights that they’ll be able to enjoy all year round. If you can think of a smell, you can bet that someone’s made a candle that smells like it. Sometimes, they smell so good you almost want to eat the candle itself. They’re a great gift because you can get some awesome candles for a very low price. But, if you fancy going all out and spending big, there are high-end candles for you too.


If you want to keep things simple this mother’s day, then there’s nothing wrong with buying some flowers. Like I said, they’re a simple gift but that doesn’t mean they won’t be appreciated. You can still put lots of thought and effort into getting the perfect mother’s day flowers for your mum. What makes flowers such a great gift idea is that they’re easily affordable. Anyone can buy a bouquet of flowers. You have differing levels of cost, depending on how much you can afford to pay. Plus, they’re a gift that makes the home look beautiful.


You may want to get your mum an edible treat this mother’s day. If so, then might I suggest some luxurious chocolates. There are tonnes of luxury boxes of chocolates and gift sets that are perfect for mothers. You’ll probably find lots of shops doing specific mother’s day chocolates closer to the time. Chocolates are great because, well, they taste amazing! Who doesn’t like chocolate?! Also, they’re not likely to receive a fancy box of chocolates every day;  it will be a nice treat.

Spa Day

It’s no secret that mothers go through a lot of stress during their lives. Think about it, they spent eighteen years dealing with you as you grew into an adult. Mum’s do so much hard work that often goes unappreciated. Which is why it’s nice that we have a day set aside to celebrate them and show how much we care. If you want to give your mum an amazing gift this year, think about a spa day. Buy them tickets to a lovely spa for the day so they can relax and get loads of treatments done. It can be exactly what your mum needs to relieve some of the years of built up stress and anxiety. Plus, you could be a little bit cheeky and buy yourself tickets so you can go along with her as part of the present!

Tickets To A Musical

Another great gift idea is to buy your mum tickets to a musical. If you live near a theatre, you should have a look to see what musicals are on during the year. You may find that your mum’s favourite one is playing at some point. So, buy her tickets and give them to her on mother’s day! Or, treat her to something big and buy tickets to a west-end play in London.

New Kitchen Appliances

If your mum is like mine, then she’s probably the one in charge of all the cooking, not by choice though purely because no-one else is good at it. So, she might spend a lot of time in the kitchen. As such, it can be a great idea to get her some new kitchen appliances for mother’s day. A cool new microwave or a state of the art blender would go down a treat for sure!

Now you’ve seen some amazing gift ideas; there’s no reason you can’t make your mum feel special this year.

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  1. January 13, 2016 / 6:09 pm

    I definitely think I'll have to treat my mum to a spa day soon especially after all the stress from Christmas! Great gift guide lovely x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

  2. January 13, 2016 / 10:19 pm

    Ahh I LOVE your list but I can honestly say that none of these would be any good for my Mam! She's not the usual kind! 😉 But all of these would pretty much work on me! x

  3. December 24, 2016 / 7:44 am

    This list is kind of good. I personally think flowers is the good idea to gift to your mother than gifting here any other expensive gift. I did gave my mother a flower and small gift last year and she was quite happy with it.

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