Specsavers Glasses

Specsavers Glasses

I was told at the age of 11 that I would need to wear glasses and I was completely horrified. Back when I was younger glasses were seen as geeky and definitely weren’t the fashion statement that they have become today. My first pair of glasses were simple black framed and very slim. Over the years I stuck to what I knew and every time I needed a new pair of glasses I stuck to a very similar style of frame and always in black. When I got an email from Specsavers asking if I’d like to pick out some new frames on them I was over the moon! I took it as the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and opt for a pair that I love on other people but have never tried on myself.

Specsavers FCUK Vision Glasses

I kind of had an idea of what I wanted when I went into the store but really wasn’t sure if they were going to suit me or not. The sales advisor who helped me was absolutely amazing and spent ages with me as I was Umming and Ahhing about what to get. In the end I took the plunge for a pair that I wasn’t too sure about but the sales advisor assured me they looked great.

Specsavers FCUK Vision Glasses

FCUK Vision Glasses* – £99

In the end I opted for a pair of FCUK glasses in a Tortoiseshell colour that had purple arms to them. When I first tried them on after having my lenses fitted into them I still wasn’t 100% sure but as soon as I got home and my boyfriend told me he loved them I felt so much better about them. Now wearing them everyday I absolutely adore them and can’t believe I wore a boring old black slim pair for as long as I did. I’ve had so many compliments about them and I definitely prefer wearing them to my contact lenses now.

Specsavers Converse Sunglasses

Specsavers always have amazing deals and whilst I was there if you bought a pair of glasses you got the second pair absolutely free! Normally when I find a pair of glasses I like I stick to that and don’t alternate between pairs so I decided to opt for my second pair as sunglasses instead. I’m a big fan of Ray Ban sunglasses and the Converse brand that Specsavers stock had a pair very similar in style.

Specsavers Converse Sunglasses

Converse Sunglasses* – £99

I opted for a simple Black Converse glasses frame and then chose a green Ray Ban tinted lens to be added to it to transform them into Sunglasses. Et Voila! My customised perfect pair of sunglasses with my prescription lenses in them! I’m completely thrilled with them and it’s going to make this Summer so much easier so that when I’m wearing my glasses I can opt not to be blinded by the sun with my new sunglasses and still see!

If you want to see a photo of me in my new glasses head over to my Instagram here where I have been selfying away!

I can’t thank Specsavers enough for my new stylish glasses and sunglasses. You have made me one very happy lady indeed!

What do you think of my new Specs and Sunnies?

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