Out of Space: Clever Tricks to Make Small Bedrooms Appear Bigger

Out of Space: Clever Tricks to Make Small Bedrooms Appear Bigger

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the place you retreat to relax, unwind, and get away from the pressures of modern living. That’s why it should always feel just right. When a room is designed how you want it, you just know. You get a feeling of pride, comfort and safety from your design choices. Your gut instinct is what tells you when a room is finally finished. If you’re not quite there yet, this guide could be for you.

The first thing you need to understand when it comes to bedroom design is that you shouldn’t put all the onus on style. Functionality is just as, if not more important. This is your base camp, for all intents and purposes. The place where you arm yourself with the tools you’ll need to get through the rest of the day out in the open world. It should go without saying, then, that your bedroom should make you feel ready for any eventuality.

Bedrooms, though, are tricky to master (pardon the pun). Generally speaking, they aren’t the biggest rooms in the house, but they’re also home to some of the largest furniture. Your bed, wardrobe and dressing table take up an awful lot of space. It’s not uncommon, then, that your bedroom can leave you feeling cramped. Nobody wants to feel closed in, claustrophobic or imprisoned in their own home. I do, however, have a few tricks up my sleeve for maximizing bedroom space. Do you want me to share them with you? Then keep reading.

Understanding the Effect of Patterns

Patterns are wonderful. Who doesn’t love a good pattern? They look great, and can add a heap of character to any room. A common mistake that people make, though, is not understanding the correlation between pattern and space. Just like colours can dictate the mood of a room, patterns can dramatically change the landscape.

Where are the most likely places you’ll find patterns in your bedroom? The floor, the walls, and your duvet set. My advice would be to keep the walls and floor as plain as possible, and preferably white or cream. Light block colours are known to make rooms seem bigger. If you must, you can have a feature wall. Your bedding is also important. Black bedding looks sexy and is a perfect choice in the right room. If you’re feeling cramped, though, you might opt for lighter colours.

Make Use of Natural Light and Reflections

Windows are so important to any room, but especially so in cramped bedrooms. The bigger the better, as far as I’m concerned. You want to have a good view outside, as the open space will make your room feel bigger. The effects of natural daylight can also make things seem much wider than they are.

A girl can never have enough mirrors, and the same rule applies when it comes to your bedroom. It’s not just about having the practical means you check yourself out, but reflections will also open things up a bit. Combining these two things will go a long way to making your room feel much bigger than it actually is.

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