Why I Won’t Be Buying a Beauty Advent Calendar

Why I Won't Be Buying a Beauty Advent Calendar

It’s that time of year again when everyone writes a post about the top advent calendar picks from the land of Beauty and beyond. I seriously considered doing a post like this myself, but then I would be being a complete hypocrite as I won’t actually be buying one this year. There seems to be more choice every year of what type of advent calendar you can get. You can get advent calendars that contain anything from beauty to candles to gin! I won’t be buying any of them.

The Price

There are definitely a number of budget advent calendars available this year but any that I would seriously consider are priced just too high for me to justify. One in particular I have seen costs a whopping £260 and I’m sure that’s not the highest priced one available. 

The Unwanted

Whether it’s a subscription box service or an advent calendar you are always going to get some products that you just don’t like and wouldn’t have purchased yourself. These items get tossed into the backs of cupboards, passed onto friends or even sold. It’s a bit of a waste if out of the 25 days you only really like 5 things.

The Meaning

I guess the meaning of Christmas has definitely been lost along the way and this gets more prevalent the further into the millennium we get. I am by no means overly religious but I do feel that the shops and businesses are cashing in on anything and everything these days. 

These 3 reasons culminate to why I won’t be buying an advent calendar this year. If a brand sent me one for free then I would definitely not say no to them but I wouldn’t part with my hard earned money on something that I might only really like a few pieces out of. If I find myself with say £60 to spare in the run up to Christmas I will definitely be treating myself to a few bits from my favourite beauty and skincare brands but these will be items I have chosen and not ones I have chanced upon. 

This post is in no way against anyone who has purchased a beauty advent calendar or indeed written a post about the ones available. It is just my reasoning behind not purchasing one this year.

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  1. November 2, 2015 / 1:18 pm

    I totally agree with everything written here! It doesn't make sense to me why I would spend my money on a collection of overpriced samples that I don't know if I like or not. It's a strange concept really
    Chocolate advent calendars all they way!

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