The Stress-Free Guide to Moving Home

The Stress-Free Guide to Moving Home

If you’ve ever gone through the process of moving home before, you understand just how stressful it can be. The next time we end up in that situation, we can’t help but ask why we bother to put ourselves through it. The reason is simple, for whatever reason, it’s time to fly the nest. Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or escaping, moving house is a necessary evil. And that’s not to say that what waits at the end of the rainbow isn’t worth it, but it doesn’t detract from the stresses of moving home.

There are financial obligations, meticulous planning and lots of running back and forth to take care of. And just how did you end up with so much stuff, anyway? If there’s a big move on your horizon, don’t fear it. Simply follow this guide and you’ll make the transition as seamless as possible.

Before The Big Day

Okay, so you’ve chosen the dream home for you. The paperwork is signed, the deposits are cashed, and the date is set. It’s imperative that you don’t spend the next few weeks idly gazing into the future. Get as much work as you can done well in advance. That means packing up the belongings you aren’t going to need for day-to-day living. Stock up on house moving boxes. Any clothes that you aren’t going to wear between now and then? Box them up. Toiletries that are just sitting and gathering dust? Pack them away. Now is a good time for a bit of spring cleaning. You’re about to start a new life, and that means leaving some things behind. Use this as an opportunity to throw away some of the things you’ve been hoarding. Moving day is stressful enough without bringing unnecessary extras along for the ride.

Hire a Removal Van

I cannot stress this enough. So many people try to cut corners and think they can go it alone. Do not be the guy that packs his car to the brim and spends the short transition time travelling back and forth. Hiring a removal company can be relatively cheap, especially if you already know a man with a van. While they’re carting your possessions to your new home, you can focus on getting all of the other jobs done. Time is of the essence here; make the most of all the help you can get. This is especially true if you work full-time, which will only increase the stress.

Notify the Proper Channels

Once you’re all in and unpacked, it’s time for the tedious formalities. Do not postpone this, I urge you! You need to inform people of your new address. That means creditors, banks and your local council. Whoever sends you mail needs to be made aware of your new location, too.  Don’t put this off. You won’t be able to relax until you’re able to put all the worries out of your mind! If you can inform TV Licensing, your doctors surgery, and cable provider in advance, it’s another worry crossed off the list before the big day. Now that you’re in there, it’s time to make your new house feel like a home.

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