Tasteless Gifts for your BFF’S

Tasteless Mug & Tasteless Wine Glass

A Tasteless ‘Shit Tea’ Mug* – £8.50
A Tasteless ‘Fuck Yoga Drink Wine’ Wine Glass* – £8.00

Every year with the girls we do a Secret Santa Christmas gift swap. As we are getting older I find it harder and harder to find things that the girls don’t already have. Nearly all of us now have moved out and have our own places so naturally I’m drawn towards getting them something for the home. This year I was introduced to the brand Tasteless and I think their products are absolutely hilarious and completely my group of friends’ humor.

A Tasteless Mug - Shit Tea

A Tasteless Wine Glass - Fuck Yoga Drink Wine

A Pair of Tasteless Egg Cups* – £2.50

My two absolute favourites from their product range though are definitely the ‘Fuck Right Off’ Eye mask and the ‘The Shit List’ Fridge Magnet Pad. These both had me laughing my head off as they are so me!

Tasteless Shit List & Eye Mask

Tasteless ‘The Shit List’ Magnetic Fridge Pad* – £5.00

Tasteless ‘Fuck Right Off’ Eye Mask* – £7.00

So if you’re struggling to find something you think your friends would like this Christmas and if they love something a bit crude then I highly recommend Tasteless! Heck I know some people’s Nan’s who would love something like this. It’s something lighthearted that will give them a chuckle every time they use it and they definitely won’t forget who bought it for them.

What do you think of the Tasteless range? Something you’d love to get or a bit too rude for you?

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  1. November 30, 2015 / 6:43 pm

    hahaha! I love these….I have a friend who I buy things like this for. I will have to have a look at the site for some ideas. x

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