How to Top Up Your Makeup Bag and Save Money!

How to Top Up Your Makeup Bag and Save Money

If you’re a makeup enthusiast like me, you’ll know just how expensive it can be to buy the latest products. Sometimes, buying just a few essentials can set you back substantially. As I refuse to cut back on my makeup, I’ve found ways to top up my makeup bag and save money.

Buy Items in Bulk

Buying items in bulk can save you a load of money, especially if you regularly purchase something anyway. It depends on the brand of makeup, but you can usually find a wholesale supplier who will sell you a bundle of items for a much cheaper price. You just need to be sure that you’ll use these items. Remember, some makeup products have use by dates designed to keep things healthy and hygienic. You could even set up your own makeup store easily online, which would not only help you to make more money, you’d keep some products for yourself too!

Go for Deals in Store

You can usually find deals in store. I often see ‘3 for 2’ deals which help me to save money. The best thing is, you can use them across different brands! I try to avoid looking at these deals unless I have a couple of products that I need to top up on. Otherwise, I end up buying for the sake of it!

Find Voucher Offers

Often after purchasing something in person or online, I’ll get given a voucher to use with my next purchase. I make sure I keep these in a safe place ready for my next buy! Just be sure you check the dates so you use them in time.

Look on Coupon Sites

I never buy anything online without looking on coupon sites first. I simply type the name of what I want into Google along with ‘voucher code’ or ‘coupon’ and usually something comes up. Recently I found this gopher deals voucher code which really came in handy! You’ll probably need to check a couple of different codes, as some won’t work straight away. Keep trying it’s worth the time spent in the end!

Purchase Dupes

I know owning nice expensive makeup is lovely. However, it isn’t sustainable to continue buying it if you’re on a budget. Treat yourself every now and again by all means, but don’t go OTT. If I can’t afford my usual designer purchase, I’ll go for a dupe instead. A cheaper item that is similar if not identical to the designer object! You can find so many good dupes just by looking for them online. You can find dupes for the famous Naked eyeshadow palettes, and MACs gorgeous Ruby Woo shade. Nobody will know the difference!

I hope these tips help you to save a ton of money on your next makeup purchase. They always help me! Whether I’m going for a designer item or a dupe, I always feel satisfied knowing that I got the best deal. You don’t have to go without, just be smart!

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  1. November 28, 2015 / 6:48 am

    I need to start abiding by some more of these tips! I spend far too much money of makeup, and not even on big brands! Help needed over here! haha

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