Holly Stevens Designer Makeup

Holly Stevens Designer Makeup

Holly Stevens Infinite Day Lips for the Mid Tones* – £20.99

Holly Stevens Silky Definition Pencil in Brown* – £9.99

When it comes to makeup I’m very much a high street beauty junkie, I normally stick to what I know and don’t venture too far beyond that. Being a Blogger however means that I am occasionally sent beauty samples often of brands that I haven’t heard of before. Holly Stevens Designer Makeup is a brand I hadn’t heard of before at all. When I receive a product I know nothing about the first thing I do is scour their website for information. When the product first arrived I assumed that Holly Stevens was perhaps a makeup artist who had released her own range of makeup but I assumed wrong. Holly Stevens Designer Makeup is actually the brainchild of Mr. Steven Hutchinson, Steven has an amazing story about how Holly Stevens came to be which you definitely need a read of here. I absolutely love a company with a real person and real story behind it.

Holly Stevens Designer Makeup

I was very kindly sent two products from the Holly Stevens Designer makeup range, the first product being the Silky Definition Pencil in Brown and the second product being the Infinite Day Lips For the Mid Tones. 

Silky Definition Pencil in Brown

I’ve used a pencil eyeliner for years and have only recently moved onto Benefits Push Up Liner. I definitely find application much easier with a pencil product as I am able to get closer to my lash line and then build up the colour. I’ve never even tried a brown eyeliner before but I actually really like it. I love how it’s not too strong in colour on the eyes and gives a more defined look without being heavy. The product is durable and lasted on my eyes all day with no smudging, which is always a winner! It’s definitely a product I will include in my minimal day makeup to enhance my eyes but not to overdo it. 

Infinite Day Lips for the Mid Tones

When the product first arrived I just assumed it was an eyeshadow palette but I was quite pleasantly surprised to find out it was a lipstick palette. I don’t actually own any lipsticks in palette form so thought it was quite quirky and fun. The product has been designed as a palette so that halfway through the day if you want to switch up your look you can by just carrying around a single palette rather than multiple lipsticks. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and the far left and centre lipsticks are perfect for this season with their darker undertones. I’m actually really really impressed by the quality and the durability of these lipsticks. The colour pigmentation is gorgeous and they really are long lasting!

I am extremely impressed with both products and I’m quite excited to see what the future will hold for Holly Stevens Designer Makeup. I definitely think it’s a brand to watch out for and I know it’s one that people will love. 

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