Beauties Factory Earth Eyeshadow Palette

Beauties Factory Earth Eyeshadow Palette

Beauties Factory Earth Eyeshadow Palette* – £15.49

Before being sent this very pretty package I hadn’t actually heard of Beauties Factory before as a makeup brand. Beauties Factory stock everything from well know brands such as O.P.I and Halo Hair Extensions alongside their very own range of products. They have a large selection of their own makeup range which includes Eyeshadow Palettes, Foundation, Lipgloss and so much more!

I absolutely love finding out about new brands, especially ones that are reasonably priced. When this gorgeous palette first dropped through my door I thought it was a Blush / Highlighting Kit as I’ve never had an eyeshadow palette before with such generous sized amounts of eyeshadow. This should last me ages!

I love the minimalistic monochrome packaging as it gives it that ‘Mac’ High end feel to it with a simple logo on the front.


Beauties Factory Earth Eyeshadow Palette


The colours in the ‘Earth’ eyeshadow palette are beautiful gold and pink tones with a white thrown in, perfect for that inner eye corner. All the colours have a shimmer to them but without the silver glitter parts that you find in some cheaper eyeshadow palettes.

I’m absolutely in love with this palette and I feel you definitely get a lot for your money with quality and quantity. I know over the Christmas period with parties and events it will definitely be my new go to eyeshadow palette.


Beauties Factory Earth Eyeshadow Palette Swatch


Have you heard of Beauties Factory before? What do you think of this eyeshadow palette?

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