The Grown-Up Guide to a Wicked Halloween

The Grown-Up Guide to a Wicked Halloween

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If you’ve reached the age where trick-or-treating is no longer socially acceptable, what are you supposed to do at Halloween? Well, despite being largely targeted at kids, Halloween is still a holiday I very much look forward to.

Halloween is a time for nostalgia. It’s one of the few times of year that you really get to embrace all of the silliness that comes with it. And after all, why should you have to let go of something so outrageously fun? Let your inner child free and have fun with these tips for a great grown-up Halloween:

Everyone loves to get dressed up. More so than they’d care to admit. And Halloween gives them the opportunity to do just that. Sexy nurse. Sexy traffic warden. Sexy driving instructor. I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of variations trawling the streets on Halloween night. Whether we’re attending parties or hitting up the bar, showing a little creativity in our costumes is fun. Sometimes we like to dress up as our favourite childhood characters, and sometimes our most dreaded horror villains. Whatever you prefer, embrace Halloween with a fun outfit that makes you feel comfortable. –

Speaking of Halloween parties, have you thought about hosting your own? Getting your friends together for drinks might be part of your usual routine, but why not go one step further? Let’s throw the biggest Halloween bash you can imagine! Make sure you fill up the punch bowls and hide all your fragile ornaments! has an entire section dedicated to Halloween decorations. So kit out your house with the spookiest things you can find.

Maybe the thought of a night on the tiles is something that gives you nightmares by itself. Not to worry! If that’s the case, get your girls together or invite that special someone over for a horror movie marathon! Check out this list of IMDB’s top films to give you the spooks and work your way through them. This is something that me and the girls absolutely love to do!

Who doesn’t love baking? Part of the fun of adult life is getting creative (and messy) in the kitchen. We spend all year experimenting with cake mixes and heeding Mary Berry’s words of wisdom. Try mixing it up this year with a bake off of your own! You can find a whole bunch of Halloween treat ideas online. From ghastly cookies to pumpkin pie, let loose in the kitchen this Halloween. Just be careful to watch out for soggy bottoms.

This year I’m throwing a Halloween party at my house and have bought the spookiest decorations I can find. I’m also going to attempt some face painting which I haven’t done in years… wish me luck!

What are you doing this year for Halloween? Are you dressing up?

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