Rugby World Cup 2015 – Come On Wales!

Rugby World Cup 2015 Cardiff Castle Rugby Ball

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing and Wales are through to the Quarter Finals! There’s one real reason that I love Rugby and that’s because of the way it manages to bring everyone together. This Rugby World Cup has been amazing so far and I’ve had some great times with friends because of it.

My absolute favourite thing to do when the Rugby is on is have mine and my boyfriends friends over to our house, either have a BBQ or order Pizza and drink until we can drink no more. I absolutely love the atmosphere at the pub or up in Cardiff but I much prefer being with my close group of friends in my pyjama bottoms and sporting my Welsh Rugby Jersey from Kit Bag! (It’s also cheaper drinking at home than going out as well, Bonus!)

Kitbag Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Welsh Jersey

Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Welsh Rugby Jersey* – £40.00

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Whilst in Cardiff on the weekend I didn’t want to miss the chance to have my photo taken with the giant Rugby ball that is now protruding from Cardiff Castle! There were soooo many people stopping to take photos as it looks so real! I’m assuming it’s only going to be there until the end of the Rugby World Cup so quick, go hurry and get a photo!

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