Is Your Home Too Dark? Try These Ideas

Is Your Home Too Dark? Try These Ideas

Living in a home that feels too dark can be really depressing. So, if this applies to your home, it’s time you did something about it. Luckily for you, there are lots of ideas that could help you out. Here are some of those best ideas.

Use Blinds

Curtains can be one of the main reasons why natural light doesn’t get into the room. And I’m not even talking about when they’re closed. Even when they’re open, they can block light from entering the room because they block light from the side of the windows. This can become a huge problem if the windows in your room aren’t very big. Blinds are much better options because you can lift them up and shut them down whenever you want. And when they’re up, they don’t block any light.

Build a Conservatory

The great thing about conservatories is that they are built from glass! This means that they allow lots of sunlight to flood into the house. You should definitely think about building one if you need a little more space in your home, as well as a little more light. They can be pretty cheap to install nowadays too. An orangery conservatory probably costs a little more, but they look great, and they allow light to flood in through the roof, and that will make the entire home feel much lighter.

Install a Skylight

There are two types of skylight, and they can both be really useful. The first is the kind of skylight that you can put in rooms that are on the top floor. They allow sunlight to come into the room from the ceiling. But this isn’t possible if the room isn’t on the top floor of the building. The other types of skylight are the large circular lights that you put in the roof. If you install lots of these at different points throughout the ceiling, you’ll add lots of extra light. They’re great at brightening up every corner of a room.

Use French Doors

Solid wooden interior doors obviously don’t allow any light to pass through them. Instead, they block light from passing from room to room. This can lead to the home feeling more dark. So, you can solve this problem by replacing those doors with glass French doors. They allow rooms to share light, and that could also mean that you end up spending less money on lighting your home. You can buy French doors pretty cheaply, and then you can install them by yourself pretty easily.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, and that’s why you should hang as many of them as possible in your home. They’re a great way of making a room feel lighter without actually installing more lights. You can buy them really cheaply as well. As well as adding extra light to the room, they can also act as decorative items that make a home feel more modern and stylish. So, if you ask me, you can never have too many great mirrors in your home.

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