How to give your Home a Modern Spin

How to give your Home a Modern Spin

Are you looking around your home and thinking that it is completely out of date? Don’t worry, at some point or another, this happens to us all. With fashions changing all the time, it’s easy to let your home become outdated.

In case you want to give your home an update, I thought I would share a few handy tips with you. In this post, I will talk about all the best ideas for adding a modern twist to your home, without changing it dramatically. After all, redecorating can be expensive. So when it comes to updating your home, you don’t want to do more than you have to.

Create a monochrome look

If you have a room that is already mostly white, consider creating a monochrome look. When it comes to adding style to a space, one of the best ways to do that is with a monochrome colour scheme.

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about black and white rooms that gives them a much sharper and more modern look. The two contrasting colours together creates a room that is chic, stylish and modern.

Incorporate prints

Most modern homes are minimalist – a look that I love. However, minimalist spaces can sometimes look a little boring. But, by adding prints to them, you can give them more personality and style.

As well as adding prints to your home with pieces of furniture, you could also use printed pillows and throws. These prints could be coloured designs, or for a monochrome space, they could be in black and white. The colour of the designs doesn’t matter, what adds style is the print itself.

Add lots of glass

Some of the world’s most beautiful homes are mainly made of glass. Obviously, I’m not saying swap all of your walls for glass, but you could make a few small changes. Instead of having wooden furniture – chairs and tables, swap your wooden pieces for glass designs. While hard to keep clean, glass furniture looks amazing in any space.

Yes, they might be more expensive, but pieces of furniture that are made from glass, look fantastic. As well as furniture, you could also consider swapping your hand rail on your staircase from wood to one without a frame – aka, a glass design.

Combine traditional and contemporary pieces

If you have lots of traditional pieces of furniture that you think are outdated, don’t throw them away. Combine these pieces with modern designs and you can create a beautiful space that is full of style and elegance.

If your older pieces of furniture are looking a little worse for wear, consider revamping them. Believe it or not, even an old piece of furniture that is in terrible shape can be brought back to life with a coat of paint. If you haven’t revamped furniture before, don’t worry, it’s incredibly easy.

If you want to give your home a modern twist, all you need to do is get creative and mix things up. Add prints and patterns, swap wood for glass and give your furniture a revamp, and you can create a home that you love.

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