Eye Candy False Eyelashes

Eye Candy False Eyelashes

Eye Candy 50’s Style False Eyelashes 006* – £4.95

I literally haven’t worn false eyelashes in years! I used to swear by the Eyelure Lashes for nights out with the girls and wouldn’t go to town without them on. I love the natural look they give and how much length they add to your lashes. 

I hadn’t heard of the brand Eye Candy when I was sent these false lashes to review so I was keen to give them a go and put them to the test. 

The false lashes come with the glue that you need to apply the lashes, the false lashes themselves and a small guide to show you how to apply them. False eyelashes can be a little fiddly to apply but like anything else the more you do it the better you get at it, so don’t give up if they aren’t going your way as it can take a few attempts to get them in place.

Eye Candy False Eyelashes

After a fiddly few minutes I managed to get the eyelashes to stick down, it did take me a few attempts to get them in the right place. I found that using tweezers helped to align the false lashes along my lash line. They definitely need some setting time for the glue to dry and for them to sit in place.

I love the final look as they still look really natural but add that extra length to my lashes. They are extremely lightweight false eyelashes and you can hardly feel them whilst you are wearing them. They are a little wide for me but you can easily cut them to fit your eye shape.

Overall I’m really impressed and they are re-usable which is a plus. They aren’t something I would wear daily but for a night out or a special occasion these are perfect and very reasonably priced!

Are you a false lash wearer? What are your favourite brand to use?

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    • October 8, 2015 / 5:16 pm

      They are literally so comfy. I kept panicking that they had fallen off because it didn't feel like I had any on! Seriously impressed with this brand! x

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