How To Prepare For Your Boyfriend Moving In With You

How To Prepare For Your Boyfriend Moving In With You

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you may be thinking about taking things to the next stage. You might find that your boyfriend is spending more time at your place than his these days. So it would seem like the natural next step is to ask him to move in full time. This can be a bit of a daunting prospect, and it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. But if you both agree this is the move for you, here’s what you should be doing next.

Making space for your other half can be the trickiest part of coming together. After all, if you both have your own places, you now need to fit two homes worth of stuff into one. There are ways to cut down on what he brings across. He might rent out his place furnished. This generates enough income to cover your extra energy costs and then some. Now all you need to do is clear out half your drawers and wardrobe!

Back on your very first date, you probably had no idea if this relationship would work out. Now here you are about to come together under the same roof. Perhaps by now you’re not wondering if it will all work out anymore. All the bills will still be in your name. This means you are solely responsible for covering them. It’s not nice to row about splitting the cost of running the household. You should make sure your financial arrangements are agreed before you hand over a key.

Of course, some things will work out a little cheaper with two of you living together. If you split the rent, you will only have to pay half of what you did. And it can be cheaper to prepare meals for two as well. Car sharing is another benefit. When you live together, you might have more nights in rather than nights out too.

Your life may change quite a lot when you are living with someone. If there is only one bathroom, you’ll have to agree your morning routines, so one of you doesn’t end up running late. Sharing a bathroom with a member of the opposite sex for the first time can take a little getting used to. That toilet seat doesn’t shut by itself god dammit!

Now you’ve tidied the bathroom and moved your clothes out of the wardrobe you’re ready to head to the key cutting store. Some people like to wrap the new key up and present it as a special gift. As this is such a significant occasion in your lives, it might be nice to have a special date together.

It’s wonderful when your relationship soars to new heights. Living with your boyfriend is a lovely way to cement your partnership and become even closer. All people living in close proximity will have the odd spat. But the best thing about having a row is the making up. Have fun with your new roommate!

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