How Facebook Can Increase Traffic to your Website

How Facebook Can Increase Traffic to your Website

Facebook can be a very useful tool for driving people towards your website, so you need to make the most of it. If you don’t already use Facebook, you should start doing so. Here are some ways that Facebook can increase traffic to your website.

Reach People Who Have Never Visited Your Website

If you don’t use social media, you’ll find it very difficult to reach out to people who have never visited or even heard of your website. To reach out to people, you have to get out there and make your social media presence felt. If you fail to do this, things will probably stay as they are, and you’ll have to make do with the small amount of readers you have. But that’s not good for your website’s long-term prospects.

Facebook allows you to reach out to people who don’t know anything about your website. You should make your appeal as broad as possible when you’re writing posts on Facebook. This will allow you to reach the maximum number of people possible, so give it a try.

Word Spreads Quickly on Facebook

The great thing about Facebook is that you can tap into the possibility of reaching a huge audience. If your website is really unique and offers something that readers want, then it could spread across social media very quickly. Of course, this will only happen if the quality of your website is high. So, you need to focus on making a great website before you start worrying about promoting it on Facebook.

Once you’ve raised the standard of your website to a sufficient level, you can start to spread the word on Facebook. If the word begins to spread about your website, you’ll gain lots of likes and people will tell their friends. This is exactly the kind of response from people that you should be looking for, so make the most of it if it does go that way.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising allows you to place custom ads on the website targeting specific types of people or people with particular interests. Because people are so open with their likes and dislikes on Facebook, it makes it easy to target the types of people who you want to attract to your website. You have a few things to consider though, such as whereabouts you want the advert to appear.

Your advert could appear in the news feed of the person you want to target, or it could appear at the side of the page. You can then monitor the effectiveness of your adverts, and this data will help you make tweaks and changes to improve how you target people. Make sure to outline your objectives before you start. Your adverts should be designed with this in mind so that they are as effective as you want them to be.

Engaging & Entertaining Posts Are Popular

People like reading posts that are interesting, engaging or entertaining. So, if you can produce posts like this, people will start to follow your posts and people’s awareness of your website will rise. And when people like what you’re saying, they will be much more likely to take an interest in your website, increasing traffic to it. This is what you’re aiming for, so make sure your posts offer something to people.

So, how can you make your posts more engaging or entertaining? Well, this depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what your website is about. If you take quite a casual and laid back approach to social media, you should try to add a bit more humour to your posts. People like to laugh, so why not visit and create a free meme? And if your website is more serious, try to engage people by being insightful and informative.

Links, Links, Links

The single most important thing to use when you’re on Facebook are links. Inserting links to your website in your posts is a great way of directing more traffic towards your website. Of course, this only works if you have lots of likes on Facebook. If your profile doesn’t have the likes, your links won’t be seen or clicked by very many people.

Once you get your likes up though, your links will be clicked by lots of people. You should also include links back to your website in your bio. Don’t go over the top when you’re including links in posts though. If people feel like you’re spamming them with links, they’ll simply switch off. So, you need to get the balance right between casual posts and promotional ones.

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  1. September 26, 2015 / 10:26 am

    I love sharing new posts up on Facebook! It's so interesting because one persons like can just help spread it around like crazy!! x


  2. September 27, 2015 / 5:52 pm

    Thanks for the tips. Facebook is just a massive fail for me when it comes to my blog! haha x


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