Blanx White Shock Intensive Whitening Treatment with LED Bite & Giveaway

Blanx White Shock Teeth Whitener

Blanx White Shock Teeth Whitener with LED Bite

Blanx White Shock Intensive Whitening Treatment with LED Bite* – £15.99

I’ve written before how much I love white teeth and the silly mistakes I have made to try and achieve that look. Luckily now there are so many products on the market that offer you a gleaming white smile without going down the cosmetic procedure route. Blanx White Shock promises a treatment that will leave your teeth ‘4 shade whiter in just two weeks’. That seemed great to me and I put it to the test.

Blanx Whitening Treatment is a ‘non-abrasive, peroxide free treatment that should be used as well as your regular toothpaste for a two week period 2-3 times a day’. There is also an LED Bite provided in the Blanx Whitening Treatment kit and this is used directly on the teeth after brushing for a minute. You can also use it for 10 minutes once a week to achieve what they describe as an ‘even more shocking whiteness’.

The product is super easy to use, you brush your teeth as normal with the Blanx White Toothpaste and then after brushing you hold the LED Bite in your mouth for a minute to enhance the whitening process. The Blanx toothpaste does have quite a strong taste initially but I found I got used to it over time.

I’ve been using the product as suggested for the past 2 weeks along with using the LED Bite for a 10 minute period once a week.

These are my sparkling white gnashers after using the product for 2 weeks:

Teeth Before using Blanx White Shock Intensive Whitening Treatment

I’m shocked at just how quickly the product worked and I still have loads of toothpaste left to maintain my white smile. For £15.99 I think it’s an absolute bargain and is a product I would definitely consider buying again. It didn’t have any adverse effect to my already sensitive teeth and it worked in under 2 weeks! Blanx you are onto a winner here!


Blanx have kindly offered to giveaway one of their Blanx White Shock Intensive Whitening Treatments to one of my readers!

To enter all you have to do is follow me via Bloglovin’ and follow Blanx UK on Twitter. It’s that simple!

– This giveaway is open to UK residents only.
– The giveaway will run from Friday 11th September to Friday 2nd October.
– 1 Winner will be chosen at random using the Rafflecopter giveaway system
– You must Follow Reinventing Neesha via Bloglovin’ & Follow Blanx UK on Twitter for your entry to be valid. All other entries options will count as extra but are not mandatory.

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