Baby B Browne Self Tanning Lotion

Baby B Browne Self Tanning Lotion

Baby B Browne Self Tanning Lotion in Medium Tan* – £14.95

I’ve been using fake tan for years! I first used it when I started going clubbing to give my pasty legs some colour. I’ve used all sorts of different brands from Fake Bake & St Tropez to Rimmel & St Moriz. I havn’t used any fake tan recently though as I don’t really go out hitting the tiles anymore. When Baby B Browne contacted me and asked if I would like to give their self tanning lotion a go I thought, why not. I’ve got an event to go to in London and thought I might get my legs out if the weather is nice so I needed to start the tanning routine again.

I tried out the Baby B Browne Self Tanning Lotion a few days before my event just in case I made a horrific mistake! To apply the fake tan I used a Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tanning Mitt that I picked up from Boots for £3.99. In the past I have used old socks and latex gloves and they all work really well.

The Baby B Browne Tanning Lotion is brown in colour so it’s easy to see where you have applied the product and where you haven’t. Use small circle motions to rub the tan into the skin. I normally start on my legs and work my way up my body. For your back you may need to rope someone in to help you out as this is when it get’s tricky.

I really loved the feel of the product, it was super soft when applying and felt much nicer on the skin than other tans I have used. It also doesn’t have that horrific smell that some fake tans have which is great! I was also impressed at how easily it blended in to give a smooth finish.

I then waited for the tan to dry before jumping into bed.

Fast forward to the next morning and I was glowing (maybe a little too much glow!), but this is expected with a gradual tan. I jumped in the shower and washed off the tan using some shower gel and avoiding anything too exfoliating. When I got out of the shower the tan was looking much more natural and I was really impressed with how even it had come out.

Stupidly I was being very lazy the night before and didn’t prep my skin properly before tanning so it’s gone a little too dark on my feet and elbows, but it’ll fade. I would normally use my Tan Eraser to scrub away at any dry and hard skin and then moisturise.

Overall I really do like this tanning product and would definitely purchase it again. The product only comes in the one colour, Medium Tan but is designed to adapt to the individuals skin to give the most natural looking colour. One coat of the product is ample. I probably will buy this product again and it’s not too expensive and I can imagine it lasting quite a while if you did a top up tan now and again.

Do you have a fake tanning routine or have you never fake tanned before? Tell me your stories!


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