Ayurveda Pura London Holistic Essentials Rejuvenating Toner & Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

Ayurveda Pura London Hollistic Essentials

Holistic Essentials Rejuvenating Toner* – £20.79
Holistic Essentials Deep Cleansing Clay Mask* – £12.46

Ayurveda Pura London contacted me and asked if I would like to choose some products from their range to review. I opted for a toner that was aimed at normal to oily skin as I get quite oily across my T-Zone so thought this might be worth giving a go. I also chose a Deep Cleansing Clay Mask as I love using face masks if I’ve had a busy few days to really unclog my skin from all the makeup that I wear. 

Ayurveda Pura London Hollistic Essentials

Holistic Essentials Rejuvenating Skin Toner 

I’ve been using the Toner for a week now and really am not sure what to make of it. I’ve really struggled using the product as I find the scent really strong and off putting. When the girls came over for a sleepover I asked them to smell it and they said it just smelt like a Spa to them so I must have a super sensitive nose. I persevered and continued to use the product in the evenings after cleansing my skin. It definitely helps to get rid of the last bits of grit and makeup that haven’t quite come away from cleansing. The product is designed for oily skin and compared to other products I have tried it definitely helps reduce the amount of oil I normally find on my face in the morning. It’s probably not a product I would purchase again though just because I find the scent a bit unbearable which is a shame because if they could change that it would be a much better product.

Holistic Essentials Deep Cleansing Clay Mask 

The clay mask definitely has less of a strong smell than the Toner. This mask reminds me of when I was at a Spa on holiday in Turkey and they offered us a clay facial mask. It’s definitely got that spa like luxurious feel to it. The product felt slightly watery at first but I gave my finger a swill around in the tub and it blended up beautifully to leave an easy to apply soft consistency clay. I applied the mask with my hands and used circular motions to apply the product all over my face avoiding the eye area. I didn’t need a lot to cover my face and from looking at what is left in the tub it will probably last me a good while. The mask dried in about 5 minutes (brilliant if you are in a hurry) to a white chalk like texture. I rinsed the product off and used a flannel to make sure I hadn’t missed anywhere. As the product dries to almost a powder on your face it comes off unbelievably easily.It probably took me under 10 seconds to rinse it off. Definitely the perfect product for a girl in a hurry. My skin feels and looks freakin’ incredible if I do say so myself. I am unbelievably happy with the results. It’s left my skin feeling super soft and fresh. 

Overall I’m super impressed with the cleansing clay mask and less impressed with the toner, but hey, you win some you lose some. At £12.46 I think the clay mask is exceptionally reasonable for it’s spa like luxurious feel and a product I would happily buy again to give my skin a pick me up.

Can anyone recommend me some other face masks you think I should try?

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