What Should You Do With That Converted Loft?

What Should You Do With That Converted Loft?

(Martin Thomas)

So, you’ve decided to let some tradesmen loose in your loft space? If you’ve got the planning permissions then a loft / attic conversion is a great way to add value to your property whilst adding another room to use however you like. A lot of houses on our street have had it done and it got me thinking about adding value to our house whilst making use of some extra space. There are lots of cool things you could do with your loft conversion. It seems a shame not to make good use of the room after spending thousands on making it accessible. So, maybe you should think outside of the box and take some inspiration from the ideas mentioned on this page.

Those of you living in rented properties should speak to your lettings agent. With a smart approach, they might convince your landlord to agree to the work. They might even pay for the entire job if you explain the financial benefits.

Dressing Room? 

All girls love to have a lot of space when they are getting ready. I don’t know if your partner will like this idea, but turning it into a dressing room could be perfect. You could place rails along all the walls and fit some large mirrors. Getting ready for big nights out will never have been more enjoyable. You can build a dressing table up there and keep all your makeup to hand too. Just remember that loft spaces can become very warm. So, it makes sense to install some form of air conditioning. You don’t want your makeup to run before you get out of the door.

Play Room?

If you have children why not create a space that is just for them. I had a play room growing up and it was great, not just for me but for my parents too. Having a room dedicated for playing in meant that all toys were kept together and the mess and clutter that is caused with hours of playtime isn’t spread throughout the house. Just ensure you install a safe and secure set of stairs as in this circumstance a ladder just will not do.


Adding a bar to your property could be perfect if you like to entertain friends. You can install a decent sound system, and keep a couple of fridges in your loft. You might also like to purchase a cinema screen projector. It’s a substantial expense, but if you have the money and are all social butterfly then it could be worth your while. Inviting your mates around to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster could be an excellent way of spending your evenings.

Home office?

Those of you who regularly work from home might benefit from an office. Creating a stylish home office in your loft is very simple. You just need to take some inspiration from a post I published on the subject a couple of days ago. The link at the start of this paragraph will take you straight to it. The best thing about putting an office in your loft is that you don’t have to worry about noise. You are as far away from other people as is humanly possible while inside your home.

I hope you enjoyed reading those suggestions. Do feel free to let me know what you decide to do with your loft. I’m still considering all the possibitlies of what we can do in our home so if you have any good ideas then let me know.

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  1. August 7, 2015 / 4:33 pm

    I am dying for a dressing room! I think it would look stunning, especially in a loft x

    Abi | abistreetx

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