Wedding Guest Hair and Beauty Ideas

Wedding Guest Hair and Beauty Ideas


Getting invited to a wedding is very exciting; you get to look your best and celebrate the love of two people special to you. It’s also the perfect time to experiment with your hair and makeup! You need to remember that it isn’t the right time to try to upstage the bride. It’s their big day, not yours! However, you can still try something new. Here are some ideas to guide you: 

Elegant Up Dos

An elegant up-do is the perfect hairstyle for a wedding. You can go for something like the beehive if you want some volume, or even a side bun. Different up-dos can create different illusions when it comes to your face, so make sure you pick one that suits its shape. 

Half Up Half Down

A half up half down style is perfect for those who prefer to have a little hair framing their features. It suits just about anybody, and you can still play with it to make it look unique. You can put plaits in it, backcomb it, straighten it or curl it. Whatever you like! Experiment before the big day to see what you prefer. 

Sleek and Straight

A sleek and straight style is great for a polished, classy look. Although you want your hair to be sleek and straight, you don’t want it to be flat stuck to your head. To avoid this, don’t straighten right from the root. Use some volumising powder to give it some oomph. You can even crimp the roots to make sure your volume stays in place. Use shine spray when you’re done! 

Smooth Ponytail

A smooth ponytail can look classy and polished if you do it right. Use a good hair brush to get rid of any tangles, and tie your ponytail on top of your head. Leave some hair out to wrap around the bobble so you can’t see it, and use pins to keep in place. You can then curl the end of your pony to give it a little bounce, and finish with shine spray. 

Loose Curl

This is my normal go to option for an event or occasion. I normally curl my hair with straighteners to get a smooth curl and then run my hands through it to make them loose and bouncy. Don’t forget to secure with a good hairspray so the curls don’t drop. 

Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is a must at weddings. Even if you feel like you’re the Terminator when it comes to emotion, you might shed a tear or two. Your mascara should be waterproof, and anything else you can get your hands on. Make sure you take something to wipe your eyes, as classic wedding invites don’t make good tissues. 

Natural Makeup

Natural makeup is your best bet for a wedding, as anything too vampy will look out of place. Make sure you create a flawless base, natural eyebrows, and long lashes. A light wash of shadow and some lip gloss or neutral lipstick will finish off the look. 

Classy Smokey Eyes

If you feel more comfortable wearing a little more makeup, you can go for a classic smokey eye. Use shades of nudes and brown to create it and apply some natural false lashes to add flutter. 

Have you got a wedding to go to? What’s your go to look for occasions?

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