Reinvigorate Older Bathrooms Without Remodelling

Reinvigorate Older Bathrooms Without Remodelling

Before my boyfriend and I recently revamped the bathroom, I used to wonder: how can you refresh a bathroom without remodelling? Our bathroom used to be a bit of a let-down, not that it wasn’t up to scratch. All in all, it was a nice room, but it wasn’t as good as the rest of the décor in the house. I know better than most how expensive remodelling can be, which is why I like to leave it alone when I can!

Here’s how to spruce up your bathroom on a budget:

Update the fixtures

A lick of paint goes a long way when you are on a budget. When bathrooms start to age, they look older because the paint and the gloss start to dissipate. A touch of colour and the room will look as bright and as bold as the first time you redecorated. Paint won’t fix every problem, but it is still a good technique.

Fix the small details

A lot of older bathrooms have small faults, and that adds a few years. When bathrooms are not efficient, they are not a happy place to spend any of your time. Why? Because they become too difficult and too stressful. For example, if you cannot have a bath because of a water leakage, what’s the point of the bath in the first place?  Repair kits are not hard to find, and Tubby Bath resurfacing kit is one of the most reputable in the industry. Plus, repairing any faults will add a lot of life because there won’t be any chips or cracks that are visible.

Reinvigorate Older Bathrooms Without Remodelling

Clean the floors and the walls! 


It’s amazing what a good scrub of the grouting can do as well as getting a mop and bucket on the floor. If you can scrub some of the grit and limescale build up off your tiles they will start to look fresher and newer already.


Add a mirror


Bathroom mirrors are not just for checking yourself out, although that is a good perk! Mirrors in the bathroom are much more important than that from an interior design point of view. Mirrors reflect and refract light, which makes bathrooms look bigger and brighter. Old bathrooms tend to be small and dark and almost dingy. What they need is an influx of light, and mirrors are a cheap, easy and affordable source. Put them together with a couple of windows, and you’ll be basking in the light.


Focal point


If you haven’t got much to work with, you need a diversion. Focal points are the conventional source of diversions because they are so big and physically dominating. Don’t worry about adding one to your bathroom as you almost definitely have one already. The sink, the shower, the toilet; they are all focal points. Just spruce up the one of your choice so it is more alluring and your entire bathroom will benefit.

Reinvigorate Older Bathrooms Without Remodelling


Making a few small changes now will make a massive difference to your bathroom.

Are you doing any home improvements at the moment? Send me pictures of Twitter @neesharees because I love to see them!

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