Maria Nila Pure Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Maria Nila Pure Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Maria Nila Pure Volume Shampoo* – £6.99
Maria Nila Pure Volume Conditioner* – £7.99

I’ve always been really basic with my shampoo and conditioner, normally reaching for what is on offer in stores at the time. I’ve recently started sticking to Aussie shampoos and conditioners as they smell amazing and keep my hair looking clean and fresh for longer than most others. I was very, very kindly offered if I would like to try the Pure Volume Shampoo and Conditioner by Maria Nila, when I saw what the packaging looked like I was like… hell yes! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bottle of shampoo and conditioner that looks so beautiful in my bathroom, I’m completely in awe of it! It makes the product look so expensive and high end and when I found out they were just a £1 more in price than my normal Aussie brand I couldn’t believe it! From the packaging I thought they would have been way more expensive. 

I’ve been using the product for about a fortnight now and I’m completely hooked. I love the scent, it’s sweet but very subtle. The actual product itself is also pink the same colour as the bottle which excited me much more than it should have being 25 years old now. The only thing I’ve found that is slightly negative about the product is that it doesn’t lather up the way the aussie shampoo does and takes a bit more product to make sure you’ve covered all the hair, but that’s definitely not enough to put me off buying it again. After drying my hair it feels so much softer and smoother than it normally does, it’s that feeling of softness you have after just having your hair done at the hairdressers, something I love but find hard to maintain.

Maria Nila have a huge range of shampoo and conditioner styles as well as hair masques and a product called ‘colour refresh’ which gives your hair extra ‘vitality and colour’ without having to dye your hair. Their colour refresh definitely appeals to me and I’m beyond tempted to go further into my overdraft to try it out right now! Their products come in your average bottle size, salon size and travel size which is literally suitable for everyone and anyone. 

Overall I’m completely sold on this product and can see myself sticking with this for a long time to come. Unfortunately the product is only sold at Salon Services but they have lots of stores all over the UK and lucky for me there is one right by my place of work and my mother has a discount card *cha-ching!*. 

Maria Nila welcome to the bathroom of Miss. Neesha Rees where you will be lovingly adored for years to come!

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