LiLash & LiBrow Serum

LiLash & LiBrow Serum

LiLash & LiBrow Serum

LiLash & LiBrow Serum* – £53.93

Recently I’ve noticed quite a few of my eyelashes seem to be falling out. I don’t know whether it’s because of the mascara I’m using or the products I use to take my make-up off, either way I’m not happy about it. LiLash is a formulated serum that when applied to the lashes is said to ‘help create the most beautiful eyelashes you have ever experienced’. This I’m all for! 

I also went to the Benefit Brow Bar for the first time ever a fortnight ago and was told which areas of my brows I had over tweezed and where I needed to try and grow them back. LiBrow is ‘designed to enhance the fullness of your eyebrows’ and it also ‘gently darkens brow hair with a unique tinting agent’. Fuller and darker brows are everything I want at the moment thanks to the gorgeous Cara Delevingne. 

The products are to be used for a 3 month period and to be applied daily. I was a little bit skeptical and scared of using the product at first as it’s so close to the eye but I had no reactions to it so continued with use.

LiLash & LiBrow Serum

LiLash & LiBrow Serum

I have now been using the products for 3 months. They are so easy to apply and I was using them every morning before applying my make up but ensuring leaving the product to dry for at least 10 minutes before continuing with my normal routine. And these are my results:

This is how my lashes and brows looked before using LiLash & LiBrow Serum:

LiLash & LiBrow Serum Before

This is how my lashes and brows look now after 3 months of using LiLash & LiBrow Serum:

LiLash & LiBrow Serum After

I’m literally amazed with the results! My lashes are definitely longer and I got my first compliment on them saying how long they looked last week, so I knew the product had worked. My brows are looking much fuller now and I’ve been able to grow the hairs inwards towards my nose where they had been over plucked over the years. The process is so gradual that you don’t really notice the change until you see a before and after photo side by side.

I can’t recommend LiLash & LiBrow enough for anyone that is looking to grow their eyelashes or correct an over plucking teen error. Yes it is slightly pricey, but it works.

Have you tried any lash lengthening or brow growing products before?

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  1. August 14, 2015 / 8:39 pm

    I've just got some of this, really excited to give it a go! I lost loads of my lashes from wearing contact lenses over the years so hope it helps me! You can see such a difference in your lashes x

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