Bouffe – For Bigger, Thicker-Looking Hair

Bouffe - For Bigger, Thicker-Looking Hair

Bouffe Hair Thickening Spray* – £5.99

I’ve always had very naturally thick hair, it doesn’t actually look that thick but when I go to the hairdressers they always seem completely shocked when they go to run a comb through it and struggle. On my most recent hairdresser visit my hairdresser took a huge amount of the thickness out of my hair and I’m now struggling to get used to how thin it feels. I was offered to try out the Bouffe Thickening Dry Spray and thought now was the best time to give a true review of the product whilst my hair was so thin.

Bouffe Hair Thickening Spray is a ‘revolutionary product which boosts roots and maximises volume. It contains a bespoke silica formula which weightlessly holds and texturises the hair.’ Bouffe also comes in different hair colours and can be used to hide re-growth if you have dyed hair. The colouring is non-permanent and washes out with shampoo.

I tried out the product on second day hair that was looking a bit flat and dull and needed some ‘oomph’ putting back into it. I sprayed the can over the roots and top part of my hair as if I was applying regular hairspray. I instantly noticed the difference in vibrancy of where I had sprayed the product and where I hadn’t. I’ve been dyeing my hair for years now and normally dye it a darker brown than my natural colour so the roots always appear lighter. Bouffe applied to my roots worked wonders as you couldn’t now see the re-growth after dyeing and the colour match was pretty damn perfect! I continued to spray the product through the length of my hair as well and my hair colour looked much more vibrant than normal as if it had been freshly dyed that day. Really impressed with this part of it!

The product says that it should be dry after 1-2 minutes but unfortunately I didn’t find this to be the case as when I went to run my hands through my hair I was left with brown stains on my fingers, this came off easily with soap however.My hair definitely looked like it had more volume and I’d say it would actually be a good alternative to dry shampoo for second day hair that’s looking a bit dull and just needs a boost.

I really do like the final effects the product gives but I’m not sure that the product dries fully enough for it to be something I would use regularly. I think it’s great for occasions where your hair needs a little something extra, like a night out, but not a daily use kind of product.

Have you tried out any Hair Thickening Sprays before? If so, Let me know what brands and what you thought of them.

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