Smart Sun UK UV Sun Safe Wristband

Smart Sun UK UV Sun Safe Wristband

Smart Sun UK Sun Safe Wristbands* – £4.99 for 5 wristbands

This time last week I was lazing around by a pool in the sweltering heat of Turkey, now unfortunately I’m back in work and back to reality. Turkey was absolutely boiling and being a pale skinned blogger I didn’t stay in the sun too long. Smart Sun UK contacted me and asked me try out one of their Sun Safe Wristbands whilst I was away.

Smart Sun have designed a wristband that is UV sensitive and the band will change colour depending on how much UV exposure you have had throughout the day. The wristband changes colour to tell you when you need to reapply suncream and will change colour again when you’ve had too much sun and need to stay in the shade for a while. I thought the idea was complete genius and can’t believe someone hadn’t thought of something like this sooner. I am terrible for getting sunburnt on holiday because I either forget to reapply my sun cream or if there is a breeze I don’t tend to realise how hot it actually is.

The temperatures in Turkey were completely ridiculous and in the highs of 40 degrees! Heck if the wristband will work in those kind of temperatures it could work anywhere.

I chose to use the wristband on the last day as I was pretty damn sunburnt (stupid Neesha!) and hoped it would help me get a better idea of how long to stay in the sun.

Smart Sun UK UV Sun Safe Wristband Yellow

The wristband before it has been used will be this yellow colour and this should change once you have had UV exposure. They are super easy to use and strap onto your wrist and they are very secure as it didn’t come off whilst I was in the pool. You apply sun cream as normal and also apply it to the wristband.

Smart Sun UK UV Sun Safe Wristband Red

After about two hours in the sun the wristband turned the beige colour letting me know I needed to reapply sun cream which I did to my body and the wristband. After a further two hours the wristband turned a pinky / red colour letting me know I now needed to stay out of the sun.

The wristband was so easy to use and I think they are an excellent idea especially for those of us who are pale skinned and burn easily. I also saw so many sun burnt children on holiday that if their parents had used these wristbands it probably could have been prevented. I really do think they are a great idea and are perfect for families on holiday to get their children to wear as it’s often so hard to tell when they’ve had too much sun as the sunburn doesn’t normally show up until later on in the day.

Has anyone else been / or going on holiday this year? What’s your holiday beauty essential?

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  1. July 7, 2015 / 6:30 pm

    This is such a great idea as I always forget to reapply sunscreen x

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