Inspiring Ideas for a Beautiful Hallway

Inspiring Ideas for a Beautiful Hallway

(Daniel Rothamel)

Every home has those kind of dead spaces that no one really uses. Hallways are an example of them, where everyone walks through but doesn’t stop. You need them to get from room to room, but you’re not going to stand around or have a seat. But just because you don’t spend hours in the hallway, it doesn’t mean it can’t look great! It’s the first place that guests see when they come into your home, so it should make a good impression. There’s lots you can do with that small space to brighten it up. It doesn’t have to be boring and underused, just because you use it as a passageway. Here are some ideas for how to make your hallway look fabulous.

Brighten It Up

It’s not nice to walk into your home and find it dark and unwelcoming. And it won’t be enjoyable for anyone who comes to visit too. If you want your hallway to be more welcoming, you should make it light and bright. Because I like white and off-white shades at the moment, I wouldn’t use a lot of colour. A pale hallway will help to reflect any natural light that comes in and stop it looking too shadowy. You could add some brighter accent colours to make things lighter too.


The space by your front door can end up having lots of things floating around. If you’re not not careful, shoes, coats and other accessories can pile up. Even if you have hooks or a shoe hanger, it can look messy. But you can find a lot of beautiful storage that won’t take up too much space in your hallway. I like benches that you can sit on to get your shoes on, and store your shoes inside too. Even better than coat hooks is a small wardrobe, so you can hide everything away. I imagine it’s especially useful if you have kids!

Telephone Table

Remember when you had to talk to your friends on the landline phone in the hallway? We don’t do it as much anymore, but a landline is still useful. At least now we don’t have to wait for anyone to stop using the internet before we can make a call. I like the idea of having a small table and a telephone in the hallway, even if you don’t get much use out of it. I would much rather choose one of these classy vintage telephones, though, and pair it with a small table in a similar style. Modern phones don’t have the charm of those old designs.


And then there’s the staircase. Unless you live in a bungalow, of course. Stairs can sometimes be just a way to get from one floor to the other. But I don’t see why they can’t look great too. The first thing you should address is the steps themselves. Are they covered with carpet, and if they are, should they be? A beautiful banister can make all the difference too, as can what you do with the walls. Some artwork or photos as you ascend the stairs is great to look at but don’t go overboard.

Your hallway doesn’t have to be dull. Just because it’s a functional space, it doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too.

Do you currently love or loathe your Hallway? What changes would you love to make to it?

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