Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick* – £5.99

I love absolutely nothing more than a summer holiday abroad but every year there is one thing that always makes me uncomfortable about being in a bikini and no, it’s not my weight. Every time I go on holiday I get a breakout of spots all across my chest, shoulders and face. It’s not a few spots that I can deal with this is like a severe acne break out which always happens on the 3rd or 4th day of my holiday. I always feel really self concious about it and end up covering up for the rest of the holiday. I even sunbathe and go into the pool in a t-shirt to avoid people looking at me.

This year I made sure I packed extra t-shirts, I purchased a high neck bikini to cover my chest and bought a huge tub of sudocrem and skincare products that I thought would help. In the past all the products I have used haven’t made any difference to the breakout the only thing that has helped has been sudocrem to reduce the redness the spots cause. 

Australian Bodycare approached me and asked if I would like to try out their Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick about a week before my holiday. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to really put the product to the test as I knew a few days into my holiday it would have it’s work cut out!

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick

Turkey was exceptionally hot this year and I must admit I didn’t spend anywhere near as much time in the sun as I normally do. However, my skin still broke out across my chest and shoulders but nothing on my face. The break out wasn’t as severe as it was the year before but still enough to make me self conscious and cover up for the rest of the holiday. 

I applied the Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick across my chest area and shoulders every evening after showering and applying after sun. I love that it comes in a roller ball stick form so it is super easy to apply and you don’t get any of the product on your hands. (Tea Tree Oil and eyes don’t mix well!) If you haven’t smelt Tea Tree Oil before it is an exceptionally strong scent and can be very overpowering. I quite like the smell of Tea Tree Oil so the scent doesn’t bother me at all and I had well and truly covered myself in the stuff. The Tea Tree Oil comes out as a clear liquid and doesn’t take long to soak into the skin so I didn’t have to wait ages to get dressed after use.

I’m really really impressed with the product as it definitely made a difference to my break out and I feel a bit stupid for not trying a Tea Tree Oil product sooner. The spots weren’t as red and angry looking as they normally are after using the Tea Tree Oil. I also noticed that they cleared up the scarring that is left after the spots have gone within a fortnight of being home from holiday. I’m normally stuck with the spots and scarring for a good six weeks after my holiday which ruins the summer for me! 

Australian Bodycare have a huge range of Tea Tree Oil based products and I’d love to try a few more pieces from their range including the Facial Cleansing Mask and the Exfoliating Body Wash. All the products are very reasonably priced so if you’re looking to try out some new skincare products I would definitely recommend them.

What products do you use regularly for skin breakouts? Is there a brand you always go back to?

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